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It has been a while since our last post but we have been fishing and doing a little hunting as well. The fishing in October and November was very good. There were a lot of fish caught, the tuna bite was good and so were the wahoo. Our last trip out was last Saturday with a very good customer of ours, Dr. Ragland. He likes to fish and usually acts as if there is no such thing as weather conditions if it involves possibly not being able to go fishing. Thank goodness it was flat calm. They had a good day catching two Yellowfin tuna right at 100lbs., along with several blackfin. Of course with the way the weather is this time of the year we are limited on the number of days we can get out but when we can the fishing is usually excellent. We are looking forward to the upcoming months because this is when we get back into the triple-digit tuna and BIG Wahoo on a consistent basis. More importantly we also get to see some of our customers that we only get to see once a year, and have become good friends with since they have been fishing with us for so long. I am definitely looking forward to that and catching up. I would expect the fishing to be very good again this winter, so if you are interested in going, this is a great time of the year. We have open days left in January-March but we are filling fast so don't wait too long to reserve a spot if you are planning on it. One more thing worth mentioning for those that don't keep up with fisheries management. The Red Snapper annual catch limit should be going up from the previous year. In 2009 the limit was 2.45 mill. lbs. for the rec. sector and in 2010 it should be close to or at 3.37 mill.lbs. if this is accepted as the (ABC) since it is so close(nothing official yet). This is fairly good news for the red snapper fisherman considering the overage from last year and early assumptions of what the 2010 snapper season would have been if the ACL was not increased. I would expect to see a season close to last years season minus a few days, probably between 50-55 days using the catch data from last year. Still being able to catch two fish/per person in federal waters. Nothing official though. This new information still has to go thru the council process so only time will tell for sure, but does look promising.

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