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The fishing is very good right now and seems to be getting better. First I should start with the Tuna and where bluewater might be. The tuna have shown back-up and now seem to be a fairly easy target. The water is predominately a very clean green on the surface and bluewater has not pushed in real close yet, but at least it is starting to make its way. I would say it won't be long (broken record) but I guess we will see. So far, I think we will move into some great conditions to fish in August and if the Tuna move in like they normally do in Aug. and we don't have any tropical activity that prevents us from getting out after them, we should have plenty of day with some big catches of YFT. The Snapper and Amberjack fishing is about as good as it gets. The snapper seem to be getting bigger as well as the jacks. Cobia should start to show up in numbers any day now. Snapper season closes at 12:00 a.m. on August 15th, 2009. We will be doing a lot of fishing for the next month so we should have some great reports. We still have some available days to fish in August, September, and October.

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