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We were able to make it out again last Wed., Thurs., and Friday with good results. As most know we have had a lot more wind in April than usual. Out of the 27 days we have had so far in this month 21 of them had Small Craft Advisories, with a couple of Gale Warnings. The good news is we are starting to move into May and although May can be a windy month as well it can go both ways. Hopefully more fishable days and less wind. Capt. Bob, Capt. Josh, and myself had a big mixed bag last week, with mostly Yellowfin tuna, followed by Amberjack, and Grouper. On Wed. I took out the Thomas crew, we ended up keeping 2 yellowfin Tuna and 1 small blackfin, but caught plenty of undersize YFT. The tuna were all sizes but as luck would have it we mostly caught the small ones. On Thurs. and Friday I took out the Lyle Russel Crew. Lyle has been fishing with me sometimes twice a year for about 7 yrs. now, so there was a lot of kidding and heckling on the boat. Thurs. was a very nice day so we chose to chase tuna. Our results, 10 Almoco Jacks and 1 84lb. Yellowfin Tuna. Almoco Jacks aren't usually something we catch a lot of but there were so many on this day, mostly in the 10-12lb. range that were eating top water lures on light tackle, we had to take advantage of that which was a lot of fun. The angler on the 84lber. was new to this so it took a little over an hour to get him in the boat, after that we called it a day. On Fri. it was rough. The plan was to stick a little closer and chase A.J.'s and Grouper. The group easily caught their limit of 6 A.J.'s and also 3 Yellow Edge grouper and 1 small Scamp. Capt. Bob Fished Thurs. with the Tankersley group from Al. They had a very good day catching 8 Yellowfin Tuna in the 20-40 lb. range with a lot of smaller throw backs. Friday he finished the day with the Beltran group from TX. with a nice limit of A.J.'s. Capt. Josh had a great day on Fri., catching 7 Yellowfin Tuna and 1 Mahi-Mahi. The Mahi-Mahi are starting to show up. Not in full presence yet but not much longer. The tuna fishing has been steady but you've got to find them. They aren't in every known tuna area right now but they should start to fill in. They do have some big ones out there right now as well. On Wed. as we caught more throw backs than you would want in a day, another boat fishing next to us battled a 140lber. for two hours. So right now there are all sizes of YFT to catch. The fishing will improve as we start to move into May, although it isn't bad now. Red Snapper Season opens on June 1st for those looking to do a little bottom fishing. Won't take long to catch a limit though. We've got open days left to fish this month and next with a lot of different species to target.

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