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    It looks like the winter fishing pattern is quickly turning into the spring/summer fishing pattern. The weather has been about as bad as it can get lately for offshore fishing. Too much wind and not many breaks in-between windy days, and lots of rain. This morning is showing 30 knot winds and 9 ft. seas offshore. The wind hasn't been that strong most days for the past couple of weeks but 20-30 knots has been about avg. since about the 3rd week in March. The good news is that it will hopefully come to an end here shortly and we can get back out fishing and into a regular routine. This past February and March the fishing was about as good as you can ask for, lots of tuna and wahoo. It was a very good season. We are now moving into the spring/summer fishing patterns which usually means calmer seas and great weather. We will still be targeting tuna as our main catch and following up with Amberjack, Wahoo, and Grouper. Mahi will start to show up in decent numbers in the next couple of weeks but most of the bull dolphin usually show in the end of May. We are looking forward to some great fishing here during the next few months. Saturday was the first day we got a break from the wind all of last week and the fishing was decent. Capt. Bob had the Mullet group from Fairfax, Va. All they wanted to do was bottom fish and bend a rod. They got all the action they could handle and caught and released more than 40 red snapper. Most of them were in the 5-10lb. range with a few in the 15lb. range. Once snapper season opens on June 1st, it will be easy pickins. Capt. Josh had the Tod Barrow crew out and they ended up catching 2 scamps, 2 almoco jacks, and 1 cobia, and a lot of lost jigs. I took out the Gary Bell crew from Missouri. They didn't care what they caught but they wanted big fish. We started out going to the Tuna grounds but they were a no show, however, the King Mackerel bite was insane and the crew took advantage of that catching their limit of 8 with the largest going 48lbs. Two of the anglers starting feeling a little sea sick so we started heading back to the dock stopping off at a few honey holes along the way. Our last stop of the day produced a nice 64lb. Warsaw Grouper which the crew called it a day on. On Sunday the predicted forecast was for 4-6ft. seas with a S.E. Wind. Two of our groups rescheduled for a better forecast and one opted to go. Capt. Josh took out the Baldwin crew from Shreveport, La. The wind never picked up and the seas never got about 2-3ft. so they made the right call. They ended their day with a limit of A.J.'s with the largest going 66lbs. We had to cancel today and tomorrow due to weather. During the next two months we will mainly be targeting yellowfin tuna and wahoo. The tuna usually avg. about 50-100lbs. so we do a lot of light tackle top water fishing for them. Dolphin, Wahoo, and the occasional Billfish usually show up as well, but the dolphin and marlin fishing will really get going about mid-may to early June. We've got open days during April and May. You can check out our videos page at </title> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8" /> </head> <body> </html> <html> <head> <title> Venice Louisiana Fishing. Sport Fishing Charters in Venice Louisiana. Super Strike Charters - Fishing Videos from some of our past trips.

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