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We had a decent stretch of weather last week, or at least I should say we were able to get out in it and fish. On Mon.-Wed. we had some very strong south winds which had the Gulf running up to 10ft. on Wed. morning. By 5:30 p.m. Wed. evening it had fallen to 8.5 ft. but still not looking good. We had a significant weather change with South winds going to west winds going to North East winds by the morning which we were counting on but I figured it happened just a little too late to knock down the seas enough. Our trip was scheduled to leave out 6:00 a.m. on Thursday morning and I thought for sure it was going to be too sloppy offshore to fish like we needed too but after clearing the Pass to my surprise it was calm. There wasn't even much of a roller left from the day before. Very Nice to See, but easily could have gone either way for us. On Thurs. I had Harry and Larry Alt. We cleared the pass and in about 30 minutes I had the lines out. 10 minutes later we had a double hook-up catching 1 Black fin tuna and 1 Yellow Fin Tuna. Larry struggled a bit with the blackfin and I said "uh oh you are in for a tough day." We went for about an hour without a bite, then we switched gears to A.J. fishing since we were close to a spot I knew was holding them. First A.J. 70lber, Second A.J. 35lber. Done. We went back to trolling an area that we had started out in earlier that morning. It took a minute to get a strike, but sure enough as soon as I marked fish on the sounder we had 1 on. Foul hooked bonita in the side. It looked good and sounded good but as soon as I came off the gas the rod went limp and I knew it wasn't much. Then it happened again. I started to doubt the area and sure enough we got a good fish on during the next pass. This time the reel started screaming and I thought would never stop. After about a 10 minute fight, Larry got an 88lb. Wahoo boat side, stuck him with the gaff and game over. A couple of hand shakes and congratulations and the guys called it a day. Right at that time Capt. Bob, who was out fishing with the Lees crew had just called in and said he had just got a triple-hookup about 8 miles from us. My guys cried uncle so we headed back to the dock. I kept up with Bob on the radio as we headed back and the wahoo bite turned wide open for about an hour and he went 6 for 7 on wahoo which ain't a bad ratio. Capt. Josh went straigt to the tuna hole with his crew but had little results. Capt. Bob and Capt. Josh fished the next two days, the seas were rough and we had a lot of rain, plus the bite slowed way down from Thurs. They ended up with several wahoo, limits of A.J., sharks, mackerel, and some other released fish. We have been fishing the days the weather allows catching a mix of fish. Wahoo and Tuna are the main targets but we also have a good grouper bite and of course the A.J. bite which is about as easy as it gets. The weather has us back at the dock for the next couple of days but we will be back out hopefully by Wed. so I should have some more good reports. We've still got open days this week and next. For those coming over for Mardi Gras it may not be a bad idea to get a day of fishing in while your over here. Give us a call we will be glad to get you out there. I just put a new video up from this past weekend and from the week before. It isn't very long but it will let you see what is going on out there right now.

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