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The weather once again gave us a break to get out on Saturday. The fronts have been pushing thru like they always do this time of the year. All of the variables that make for great fishing off the coast of La. are really starting to come together. The big talk so far has been about all the wahoo we have had and been able to catch. We do get them every year but this is the most I have consistently seen in a long time. They have been averaging about 40-60lbs. and are eating just about anything you put in the water. They did get a little picky this past weekend but last time I fished for them I used 4 different baits and caught fish on all 4. We have mainly been concentrating on fishing wahoo since the bite has been on fire and not chasing after the tuna since they have not really shown up yet in big numbers. Capt. Bob K. ran the Bill Winterfeld group and went 5 for 7 on wahoo and a few beeliners. Capt. Josh had the V. Portea group and got 1 wahoo and 4 A.J.'s. This time of the year can produce a lot of fish. Some days more than others of course. We will be back at it on Wed. probably fishing close to shore due to strong North Winds and fish thru hopefully Sunday. We should have some great reports. We've still got open days in Feb. and March.

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