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The fishing this past week was very good. We had easy catches of snapper and amberjack and just avg. with the tuna bite until yesterday for Capt. Bob K. The snapper have been avg. about 5-6lbs. and every now and then you get a good 12-15lber. Last week the snapper were much bigger than the ones in the last several days. The tuna fishing has been up and down. 1 day good--1 day slow. The tuna have been on the smaller side until Capt. Bob and his crew came in with 8 tuna yesterday and the largest was about 100lbs. the rest averaged 60-70lbs. The fish are out there, they have been somewhat finicky but that is tuna fishing. The cobia should start to move in thick any day for us. So far it has been, 1 here and 1 there but nothing real consistent yet. On Sat. Capt. Bob had a huge visitor come and eat their 1st fish of the day. He told me they had been struggling all morning to put the first fish in. Finally when they do get one, it was a nice A.J., getting him just about in the boat, about an estimated 800lb. Tiger Shark showed up, and in 1 bite took everything except the head and tail. Thanks, preciate it. A shark like this is always an awesome sight to see. They did however finish up with a nice limit of A.J.'s and snapper. We have a couple of days off with the weather that has moved into the Gulf. Looks like it should not be affecting us anymore by tomorrow afternoon. The system down in the lower gulf could give us a good push of fish, so I look forward to being back out on Thursday .We've still got open days during August and September and the fishing should be excellent.

Capt Damon McKnight
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