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The offshore fishing remains outstanding. Tuna, Wahoo, and Dolphin have been plentiful. The Yellowfin tuna fishing is about as good as it gets. Closer to shore the red snapper just seem to keep getting thicker and thicker. We have gotten a quick limit every time we fish for them and move onto other species. The cobia as well have started to show up in good numbers, it won't be long until we can specifically target them. The A.J.'s have also remained easy to catch as long as you hit the right spot. The fishing has been good everyday since last Thursday. Capt. Josh Bodenheimer had the big fish of the week catching a 168.8lb. yellow fin with the Tim Lockhart crew. So not only are there a pile of tuna out there to catch, there are also a lot of big ones as well. The avg. size has been about 80lbs. which is more than enough for most anglers. Capt. Bob Kenney had the heaviest Bull Dolphin weighing in at 35lbs. with the Dr. Chapel gang out of Baton Rouge. On Saturday I had the Drew Holland gang out of North Alabama. I knew they were excited about the trip because I was getting a lot of phone calls from them letting me know how excited they were about coming down, I think it was their way of letting me know their expectations were high and the pressure is on. We started out our morning Snapper Jerking and we easily put a four man limit in the boat with the largetst snapper going about 10lbs. We then took off to the tuna hole and upon pulling up I could see them busting the surface and they were all good sized fish. I told the guys O.K. lets see what you got. I put the lines out and almost immediately had a huge bust on the long bait. The drag was ripping out, we got the rod set in the belt, I turned around for a moment and just like that the fish was off. We reeled the line back up and the line broke off in the middle of the splice. I though I had my first mono-slip from inside the Jerry Brown but the line had actually broken off inside, so it wasn't a slip, just a bad spot in the line. We got the second line out and almost just as fast got another one on, this one stayed hooked and we put about a 50lber. in the boat. For the rest of the day the fishing remained steady until the end when we were getting doubles. For some reason we ended up with a lot less fish than we had hooked for the day but it happens. At one point we had Yellowfin , Blackfin, and Bull Dolphin eating aggresively right next to the boat. All you had to do was put the bait in the water. It was one of the most exciting days I have had in a while and this is what makes the offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico one of the best fisheries in the World. The fishing is as consistent as ever. All of the spots are starting to fill up with fish instead which is making our decisions in the morning a lot easier on us. July is usually one of the best months to get offshore and the weather is usually slick calm. We've got open days in July and August.

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