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    The offshore fishing has indeed been very good lately. We have had some great weather giving us calm seas but we are having the occasional afternoon thunderstorm that will force you to change directions every now and then. Capt. Bob, Capt. Josh, and myself have been out a lot and we have all had some very good days. The tuna bite remains good. They have been a little finicky and what it has been coming down to is timing. Right place-Right Time. Snapper and Amberjack are about as consitent as you can hope for. These two species are very abundant right now and there has not been one day that we have not caught a limit of snapper and only a couple days falling short by 1 or 2 on Amberjack. Cobia are starting to make a good showing. We now have that to look forward to as we move further into summer. The dolphin bite has been fairly consistent but they have been there one day and gone the next. Unfortunately, the dolphin numbers are down from last year which was something incredible but there are enough of them to keep you busy. The highlight of the week came on Friday with the Louis Labat crew from New Orleans. We let our first bait out behind the boat and the reel immediately started screaming. Most of the tuna fish I have caught lately have been over 100lbs. so I figured it would be another good one. We had him under control for the first hour. We would take some he would take some, typical of a tuna fight. About 1 hr. and 45 minutes into the fight the fish made a giant run peeling out another 350yds. We thought we had just about had him to the boat. Wrong! At this point each angler had a turn on the rod and each of them would go until their knees started shaking and they had sweat dripping from the ends of their noses. I started to sense the guys thought they would never get him up and they were losing confidence. Now, we were on him for about 2.5 hours and a huge storm was building to our South and heading North. It was a deep purple color with lightning shooting out of it sometimes two or three bolts at a time with a lot of wind in it. I told the guys we are not going to sit here through this one and make ourselves a target for lightning. I've seen what in can do and no fish is worth what could possibly happen. With that being said and three hours into the fight, I reluctantly cranked up the drag to full. I kept squinting my eyes and turning my head waiting for the line to break but it held with luck on our side and we got him in. I can't say enough about Momoi fishing line. I have been using it for about three years now and it is tough to beat. I had an extremely happy crew and off we ran to escape the weather. The fishing is good right now and there are plenty of different species out there to fish for. We've still got open days in July and August.

    Capt. Damon Mcknight
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    Venice Louisiana Fishing. Sport Fishing Charters in Venice Louisiana.

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    Wow!!! What a tuna!!!

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    yeah, that is a pretty a** tuna!
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    Man what a great report!