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The fishing is about as good as it gets right now. The weather has been great giving us calm seas and just a few afternoon thunderstorms to cool us off some. The Mahi-Mahi have shown up in big numbers again this year. Of course every day is different than the next with some days producing 100+lb. tuna, plenty of mahi-mahi, along with a few wahoo, the next day were having catches of bull and cow dolphin in the double digits along with a few smaller tuna. It has been a very mixed bag of not only different species but all different sizes. This is what really makes the offshore fishing exciting because your not sure what will happen next. The snapper and Amberjack bite are still wide open as well. On Wed. Capt. Josh B. and deckhand Matt took out the Augustine crew and they ended their day with four yellowfin tuna up to 90lbs., 5 bull dolphin, and a limit of red snapper. On Thursday Capt. Josh B. had the Reggie Montalaro crew and they ended their day with a handful of bull dolphin and a limit of snapper. I took out part of a crew in town with Wener Outdoor events group. They just wanted to bend a rod, but with big fish only. We headed out the tuna grounds only to find not a whole lot going on. Then out of nowhere we had about a 200lb. blue crash on a live bait while we were reeling him up. He hit about 20 yds. behind the boat and put on a great display of jumping and twisting before breaking the line. Our next stop produced about 12 dolphin, most of them 25-30lb. bulls along with a few cows. We ended the day with a limit of A.J.'s in the 30lb. range. On Friday Capt. Josh took out the Leslie crew from Mandeville, La. and put a 120lb. and 50lb. yellowfin in the boat along with a limit of snapper. We fished Sat.-Monday with every day except Saturday producing a good catch.We've still got open days in June and July. The fishing is getting better and better as we move into summer.

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