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The fishing has been good. Variety is starting to get back into the game as the dolphin and cobia are starting to show up. No big numbers yet but it is coming. The weather has been the biggest factor, as it has been a lot so far this year. The winds are still not cooperating like I had hoped they would be at this point in May. This Saturday Capt. Josh B. had the Dexter Smith crew, they ended their day with two wahoo and four A.J.'s, Capt. Bob had part of the Adrian Flores bachelor party group and they finished their day with 1 Yellow fin , 1 Cobia, and two Amberjack. As soon as they pulled up to the tuna hole they immediately got one on and then the group decided they wanted to try for other species. It turned out that the boats that stayed in the area ended up with some nice boxes of tuna. I took out the Hutson crew and all they wanted to do was catch and release Amberjack all day. They are in the timber business and I guess they are use to pulling stumps up and couldn't get enough of it. The good news is the A.J.'s were thick and I am not sure how many they caught but it was in the high teens. I lost count in between some sharks and cobia that they also caught. We ended the day doing some bottom fishing. Well, it turned out that our bottom fishing turned into top fishing because the Mangroves were thicker than ever and all of them except one was in the 10lb. range. Also mixed in were plenty of 10-15lb. red snapper 10-15 ft. below the surface. It was absolutely one of the best snapper bites I have ever seen. Can't wait till June 1. The fishing is definitely getting more and more into a summer time pattern and I am sure the winds will follow. We still have open days this week and next.

Capt. Damon McKnight
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