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    Yesterday I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr. Pat Smith and friends from Texas and New Mexico. The weather calmed down from the day before with 20 knot north winds to about a 10 mph wind. It was a very nice day without a cloud in the sky. The crew started out wanting tuna. We ran to our usual hole for live bait only to find they weren't cooperating very well. After two hours of trying, we ended up with four baits and decided it was time to go with what we had. We pulled up to the tuna grounds put two lines out and immediately got a single on. While fighting the first fish, the second bait was taken, so we now had a double. Got both of those to the boat, they were twin 40lbers. Got the third and fourth bait out and immediately got the third fish on. We put number three in the boat, another 40lber, and the fourth line and last bait didn't work out. It was a quick strike and no hook-up. The crew ended up going three for four on YFT. We tried other techniques but they wanted nothing else. This was the first day that live bait was very hard to come by this year, if we would have been able to catch more we more than likely would have slaughtered the tuna. Didn't work out this way so we were happy with what we had. We than ran further north to put a few A.J.'s in the boat. We were able to put five in, our limit, very quick and the average weight was about 40lbs. I don't know how many they had down there but you couldn't get the reel in gear and you would already have one on. It looks like the weather will get us again for the next couple of days. It will start to shape up as it already is. We still have open days in May. The fishing will only get better as we move into summer.
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    I've noticed in the last few weeks of Venice reports that the fishermen are out of their rain gear and into their shorts. A clear sign to me that summer patterns are in the works.

    to all the Venice posters keep the reports coming.