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Fishing Venice, La.

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The offshore fishing has been up and down. It was a very crazy weekend down in Venice. Lots and Lots of boats with the calm weather on Friday and Saturday. For the most part not many did very well including myself. The Black fin Tuna were the main keep this past weekend. Plenty of them were caught in the 20-25lb. range. A lot of action. No Yellow fin to speak of except for a couple and none that I saw had any size to them. The wahoo bite was strong except for my group of course. It seemed as though we were just a little behind the bite missing it by minutes so it seems according to the other boats in our area. This was how it went all weekend for my boat. Sunday we trolled for wahoo until the seas forced us in building to 4-5ft. about 3-4 seconds apart. I can put it to you like this. At a 10 mph troll we would slow down to 1.8 mph in between waves and get up to 17 mph going down one. Presentation is basically a failure at this point. We called it a day with ZERO in the box. Fortunately Capt. Bob and Capt. Josh had over 30 fat black fin between both boats on Sat. and a repeat was done on Sun. and their two day were a success. The seas forced them in as well but not before they had a nice catch on Sunday. The Yellow fin bite is sure to start up again any day, the wahoo fishing will only get better as well. We've still got open days to fish so if you are looking for that big YFT now is one of the best times to go. Super Strike Fishing Charters - Venice, Louisiana, Gulf Coast - Call us today to book your charter! (800) 318-1720

Capt. Damon McKnight
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