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Fishing Venice, La.

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It has been a while since our last fishing post but we have been busy. We are winding up our duck hunting season and getting back into the offshore fishing. Seems like it worked out right in time. We have been fishing about once or twice a week since Nov. with minimal results. Some days better than other but not much to brag about, that is until yesterday. The tuna bite is on and should remain this way until the end of March. Only time will tell for sure on that, but it is a pretty safe bet. Yesterday we had the Mike Raybren crew. They are repeat customers and I tell you what. It seems like every time they come down here the fish bite. The morning started out quick with a double on YFT. Then from there the fishing never stopped, until they called it quits. They ended the day with 5 YFT. and we got steam rolled by two that caught us by surprise. We did get a 125lber. in the boat which was the biggest of the day. A lot of action and excitement. We still have open days through Jan. and Feb. If your looking for big tuna and wahoo now is a good time to go.
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