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The wind finally let up enough to let us get out fishing on Friday. I had the Charles Darner group who were in town for three days, unfortunately they only got out on one of the days but they got what they were after. When we came out of the pass I was expecting it to be a little choppy, and maybe a little wind, but nope, it was flat calm which caused a big change in plan for where we would fish. Our first stop produced nothing but cudas and sharks. This time of they year the fish should have been in close but they weren't. So off we went, with flat calm conditions we were able to go anywhere we wanted quickly so we chose the long run. We pulled up to busting fish and it wasn't long until we had a double on. The first fish stuck and the second fish came off. After about a 30 minute fight we had our first fish of the day in the boat right at 100lbs. Things went quiet for a little while and then we got our second fish on, this one was about 80lbs. and after that it went dead. No more fish busting, no nothing. We took it back north and easily caught a limit of snapper and headed back to the dock. Capt. Bob had the Moore gang easily catching snapper and amberjack. They fished in close all day for Tuna with no luck. Sat. was completely blown out with winds sustained at 20 knots gusting up to 30-35 knots. The wind has been blowing since then and hopefully we will get back out again on Thurs. We've still got open days next week but not many. The fish will be in close any day. Can't wait.

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