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The offshore fishing has been pretty good most days when we can get out there. The weather has actually been about as nice as can be as far as sunshine and clear skies go, but the wind has not been cooperating at all. The forecasters right now are not accurate more than a day or two out with the winds, and a couple of trips haven't even been close. We have been getting out though, and when we do it has been mostly productive. The Yellow fin are here, no doubt about it, and have been fairly consistent since about mid-January when we started back. They have been averaging about 80-90lbs. with at least one per trip going over 100lbs. There is also a good amount of black fin tuna mixed in with the yellows, most of them are on the larger side 20-25lbs.. The wahoo made a fairly good appearance in mid-January but not much to speak of since then. A few were caught here and there but no real bite to speak of. A.J.'s are fairly thick in certain areas for those who want to target them. The last productive and decent weather day was this past Friday with the Curtis Everett crew and the Clouser Crew. The Everett crew went 4 for 4 on Yellow fin's, 3 over 100lbs., and one right at it. The Clouser crew went 2 for 3, the two that were caught were right at 100lbs. and they fought one for over an hour, estimated to be close to 180 +/- but broke off just before they sunk the gaff. It is that time of year that any given day the bite can break wide open and it can be non-stop tuna action, most days they are on the larger side.

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