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    Sorry it's been such long time since my last "fishing report", guess I have too many irons in the fire. A brief summary of the summer so far has been absolutely FANTASTIC!!! So far the tally is three Marlin, more Dolphin than I can count, lots of the summer time Wahoo, or Wehoo if you prefer and yes, lots of Yellowfin as well. The best part of the summer has had to be the people we have had. Hunter and I boh agree that we have had some of the greatest crews that we have ever had, some new ones and some of our old freinds as well!

    As of late(the past couple of weeks) the blue water is way out. Best we can tell it must be somewhere near Cuba! Needless to say all of our Dolpin, Wahoo, And Marlin are out there as well. The good news is that the ever endangered Red Snapper and Amberjack have been all to willing to eat anything that you put in front of them so we have always had plenty of things pulling on the end of the string. The Tuna have moved about as far out as you can get (past Mars) but for those willing to make the long run and pay the fuel bill the Tuna have normally cooperated.

    Surely the Blue water will come back in soon enough and we will be able to resume the summer, but something that is rapidly approaching hat I have done very poor job of promoting is the Fishing To Hear Rodeo.

    Every year 20 Captains donate there boat and fuel for a day in order to raise money that is used to give a child in Louisiana the gift of hearing. The raffle tickets are $20 and every dollar is donated to the New Orleans school for the deaf with the understanding that every dollar will be given to a family of there choosing for the purpose of paying for the surgery that will give a child the gift of hearing and change his life forever.

    The web site for the foundation is Fishing-To-Hear > Home . Please take a moment and go to thesite. It will tell you how it all started and do a better job of explaining the surgery.

    You don't have much time as the drawing for the 20 winners of the offshore fishing trips will be July 19th. If you are one of the lucky winners you can bring three of your buddies and participate in the Rodeo that will be held August the 9th.
    I you're not drawn I would still encourage you to come to the rodeo. There will be lots of food, music and fun and every year there are kids that were lucky recipients from previous years that give a little talk. I can honestly say it's the only fishing rodeo I have ever attended where there is not a dry eye in the place before its over.

    Please buy some tickets!! It will be a blessing to you and some lucky kid!!!

    Tight lines and God bless!!!
    Capt Jerry