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hi everyone. i just had a group leaving and got a few fotos of there three days fishing. there were 6 people fishing on 2 boats. they did very well. caught a couple of marlin, one marlin was caught trolling a new lure that was king of like a rapala. they put it out on a small spinning rod just to try it and a few minutes later they hooked and landed a estimated 200# marlin.
they did well fishing around the islands catching pargo and some nice roosters.

the fishing here is great in june july and aug. we still have room and if anyone is intrested i will give a good deal.
4 people fishing 5 days 6 nights everything included, $7000.00 just mention you saw this.


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I alway want to go myself to unknown fishing destinations before I bring other fishermen.
I went Panama Sportfishing Lodge before I go with 12 fishermen this month.
I went alone to Hatteras for bluefin two weeks ago before I arranged 2 boats for 10 fishermen.

All I heard from my fishing colleague is Paradise lodge is the first class operation and the lodge itself is very nice.
I feel we are very fortunate such quality lodges like Panama Sportfishing lodge and Paradise lodge are available to us at afforrable prices.
The location is not average place, but the world class fishing destinations. I wanted to fish Panama for years, but high cost of the trip prevented me from visiting there until this year. If the rates stay same, I will make trips to Panama every year. :)
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