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    The fishing the past few days has been very inconsitent. This time of the year we expect to go out and have our way with the Tuna or at least have a couple of shots at huge yellowfin that are usually all over the place. Last Friday we had all three of our boats out. Capt. Josh had the Marc Maes crew Houston, Tx., Capt. Bob had ex- Senator J. Bennet Johnstons family, although he didn't make it himself, and I took out Gene Estabrook from San Diego who is an avid fisherman and runs the Dana Landing Marina. The weather was not the greatest with an approaching cold front but still very fishable. Usually with an approaching front the fishing is at its best so we had high expectations when heading out. Just about everything was perfect, bait was easy, seas were nice, and upon pulling up to our first spot tuna were busting. That was about all we would see as far as tuna fishing goes for the day. After two hours of showing our live bait a new and usually much more hostile area of the gulf, we still had nothing that would prove to them that it was safer in the live well than in the open water. That would remain the case for the rest of the day. All of our hot spots which had been producing fish...produced nothing. The weather really started to deteriorate with the approaching front with rain and high wind so we ran closer to shore and ended the day catching and releasing snapper which couldn't have made them happier. This would also be the case for Capt. Bob, however, Capt. Josh did manage to pick up several Amberjack on the way back in. Saturday was a weather day so no one fished. On Sunday Capt. Bob had Dr. Chapel who fishes with him about 4 times a year. They went 1 for 3 on wahoo and 4 for seven on Dolphin. The seas were rough so they were limited as to where they could fish. From now-March we will be fishing specifically for Tuna and Wahoo. The big tuna will remain here for the next few months. Of course some days will be better than others but this time of the year is very productive most of the time. We've got open dates in November and December.

    Capt. Damon Mcknight
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    awesome colors on that wahoo! is everyone there still charging extra for fuel?

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    Yes, but we have been charging extra for fuel since 2001 when we switched from diesel engine boats to outboard engine boats. This is nothing new for this area and highly unlikely to change anytime in the future.
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    what is your fuel 'formula'? In other words...what should a customer do to gauge what the surcharge would be (without contacting you guys)? when putting a trip together, it's nice to be able to tell everyone expectations.

    thanks for the quick reply :)
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    The easiest, best way, and will take very little of your time to find out what the surcharge would be is to contact us prior or during putting a trip together.

    There is no formula we can use because the variables are constantly changing but I will do my best to explain how you could possibly gauge the cost of fuel.

    It all depends on what time of the year you want to fish, cost of fuel at the pump today(with the fluctuating fuel prices who knows what it will be tomorrow), how far we have been having to run to catch fish( this sometimes changes daily except for certain times of the year), species you want to target, sea conditions(if it is rough we burn more fuel), there are a lot of deciding factors.

    We have set budgets for other customers who wanted to keep the fuel charge to a certain amount or have the option to increase their budget while out fishing.

    Here is the best I can do when it comes to fuel charges. Right now...Fuel is 3.00 per gallon at the marina, i would expect that it will drop more when they get their next load of fuel. During Oct.-December On Avg. we burn between 100 to 120 gallons per day. This is usually what it takes to have a good day of fishing. So your cost would be between 300.00 and 360.00.

    In January and February we will be fishing the midnight lump for tuna and we go straight there, fish all day, and go straight back to the marina. If the lump is slow, which it will be on certain days, we may fish another area but on avg. during this time of the year we will burn 70-80 gallons so your fuel cost would be 210.00-240.00.

    During the months of March-September is when fuel cost vary tremendously. Some days we burn under 100 gallons and others up to 160 gallons. So the fuel bill could be up to 480.00 if fuel prices stay where they are today.

    So, if I were you, I would definitely contact us.


    Damon Mcknight
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    The plus fuel is always better for the customer and for us. We build the profit we need into the base charge and then you get a better trip out of it.

    If I am sitting at a rig and catching nothing and think there may be a better bite 30-40 miles farther out I may think twice if its comes out of my profit. If the customers are paying for the fuel I am just going to do whatever it takes to put yall on fish depending on the weather conditions.
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    Great way to put it.