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Fish out of water

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OK, Im a 100% offshore guy but I've been invited to a 3 day trip to the Chandelier Island Chain off Lousianna in August. Apparently its an amazing place to fish inshore for reds and trout. We take a mothership out to the islands where guides take us out. Im debating whther or not more offshore species will be near the mothership which i can fish from at night

I have 2 set ups so Im fine with rods and reels. I have the brand spanking new 2007 Japanese shimano Stella 4000 on a shimano calcutta rod along with another low profile set up but I have no clue about topwaters, jigs and swim baits for inshore species.

If you are a self proclaimed redfish or trout man please post what essential lures, topwaters, softbaits i should be stocking up on.
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g-man - I use the Yozuri 3D minnow (silver). Very effective but a bit pricey $8.99 for specs.
gman, you are going to have one of the best trips ever!

I would take:
gold & silver spoons in 1/4 and 1/2 oz - 4 each
skitterwalks (saltwater version) in pearl, blue/orange, clown, black/silver topwater
Mirrolure 17m and the 19M (their new baits) suspending
Gulp sand eels, 4" pogies, 3" shrimp tail in new penny, and the grey color for soft plastics, and use on 1/8 or 1/4 oz screw head jigs.

Probably 4 packs each on the plastics and jig heads.

You'll have top, middle, and bottom covered and you'll catch a ton of fish!
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thanks I heard this place is AMAZING and its the finest trout & redfishing just a hump to get there. Ive never fished for little fish before but Im excited. I already asked if I can troll on the way out...i was laughed at

I would assume I can get these items at Cut Rate/Tackle unlimited. There are no redfish or trout near NJ waters LMAO
Make sure to fish with 6-12 lb rods and 8-10 lb test to make it fun.

You can get any of that at BassPro, Cabela's, and FTU.
I have not been on this trip , but have researched them. Your mother
ship will be floating lodge beached on the lee side of the island.
The closest thing to an offshore species will be a shark or jack.
good luck
I went on a similar trip in Morgan city, LA to visit a long lost cousin with a new boat. I brought a bunch of lures, rods and such. Well they basically fished shrimp on the bottom, and we caught reds the whole time, but we didn't catch any on lures. The water was very muddy though.

The moral is still the same, I wouldn't spend but a few bucks and only if you had something you want to experiment with. Redfish are pretty stupid and trout are not quite as sharp as reds. Most lures and techniques will catch fish. It is usually fishing locations and conditions that dictate what lures you pursue them with. How deep will you be fishing, how much current, abundence of trash fish, and sometimes just as simple as how the captain likes to run the boat. It's hard to work some lures if the captain has the trolling motor on high, and gold spoons will not be really effective on anchor.

Give them a call and ask them what to bring, or once you get down there they will show you what is working best and where to get it.

Or I could just say....
A 1/4 ounce jig heads with Gulb pogy's and two or three popping corks (Cajun Thunder) and 20 pound floro for leader. I would spool spinners with 20-30 pound braid, uni to uni to the leader.
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I went on one of these a few years ago and had a ball. They're very social trips. Gear up for trout redfish and flounder and small sharks. We wade fished all day and played cards and drank in the evening. Ours left out of Biloxi and we had a few hours before and after at a Mississippi casino. Drank most of a bottle of Tequila on the ride back in from the Chandeleurs and when I got to the casino was too drunk to play cards. I did win enough at roulette to pay for the trip though. Twas a good time.

If I were going anywhere for reds, trout, and flounder, I would gear up with the following:

I think the Stella 4K is the best reel on the planet for what you are going to do, but then again, I am a spinning freak.

I would use 12 pound mono, or now that I have been using it offshore, maybe 20 pound braid. I would add a very small black ball bearing or good-quality crane swivel. To that, I would tie 12-18 inches of 20 pound fluorocarbon, and the lure to that. You don't really need the swivel except with jerkbaits or spoons and a lot of people would argue you don't even need them then, but I am lazy at tuning lures and with a spinner, I use the swivel.

For lures:

1. Like somebody said: Gold spoons. If there is no weed (the kind that tangles--not the kind you smoke) I would go with the 1/2 and 3/4 ounce gold or copper Sprite. If there is weed, I would use the Nemire weedless with internal rattle--expensive, but so is the trip.

2. I cannot work jerkbaits effectively, although most of my buddies swear they are the cats meow for trout, especially on shell bottoms. I personally take shadtails in 3 colors-red/white, chartruese, and black or purple.

3. Topwaters. Nothing beats a blowup in shallow water. There are a bunch out there, but I personally use Top Dog Juniors and she-dogs.

4. Suspenders: Corkies or rumored to be the best and there are now a lot of imitators out there. They are slow-fished, tunable, skill-based lures, and I don't have the patience for them. So I use a hard-bodied Mirrolure, either 51MR or 52 MR.

Some people would also take crankbaits. If so I personally like the Rattle Trap.

Other than that, in my opinion, you don't need nothing.

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Im about ready to NOT fish as I just found out its all wade fishing. I dont go in the water becuase of one word "KARMA" aka Sharks. Ive killed too many huge sharks in my lifetime to walk in murky waist high water with a string of dead fish attached to me

I have to go on the trip becuase its a business trip but I want to be on a boat and not in the water. If its ankle high or even knee high Im cool, over the knee Im definately not interested
Either buy a "do net" which floats on a foam ring behind you, or get a quick release belt from numark which you can pull out under load.
how about this ...im taking my atd50w and i intend on catching a big bull shark at night while rinking during the day. im not wading ha ha ha
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