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Fish cam in Port A

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The Gulf Eagle just returned from a tuna trip so they will be hanging fish on the fishcam in a few minutes.
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Here is the link for those that don't have it tattoed on the back of their hand.


Port A Now Fish Cam
good lord i think im more impatient in wanting to see the fish than the guys that were on the trip....i figur they went to clyde?
Damn!!! Those are some huge tuna!!

The one that is hanging second from the right is VERY big!!


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hey stx sorry bout that, looks like we posted bout the same time
was anyone from this board on the trip ? trying to figure out if were gunna get a first hand report.
It's hard to tell from that Pic, but I see a few 3 digit size tuna. I just might have to try and adjust my schedule next week. I'm over my constipation now and might give it another shot. That John Baker is eager to get used. It's been talking to me. Moon phase looks great for next weekend. The last two weekends weren't the best moon for tuna. I'm counting about fifteen YF's from the first picture.
Mr. Bill ,What trips are available next weekend?
Man that looks good. I need to go fishing!

Damn, no red snapper. Those red snapper must be very rare since I don't see any!
Snapper season (fish) is closed.
Jeeeeez.....that thought scares me....

I hope that they never put limits and restrictions on the other kind of snapper.
Just give them a chance.




LOL!! Darn, I don't want anything with CCA for a very long time. My right hand would get lonely.
Mr. Bill ,What trips are available next weekend?

I just called up DSH. Next weekend the 11th and the following weekend the 18th, both the Pelican and Gulf Eagle are private charters. 25th is the next available opening with 3 spots left.

I found one other person to do a charter on dates in between the above dates. Not sure 3500 bucks (with tip and fuel sur-charge)is worth three tuna to me. I'm looking into chartering a sportsfisherman out of Isabel at this time.
MrBill.... come join us on the 18th.... i believe there may be a spot open.. ~comraderie more-so than filling the boat with fish on the TFF trips.
MrBill.... come join us on the 18th.... i believe there may be a spot open.. ~comraderie more-so than filling the boat with fish on the TFF trips.
I believe SkeeterRonnie is correct here. Only 12 on one boat and 13 on the other.
25 is max capacity. 12 on the Pelican and 13 on the GE. Bazztex had a spot come open on the GE. contact TOO for information or be put on the reserve list.

railspace has never been a problem on the TFF trips.. usually 3-4 feet to each side of you open.. a handful of guys cast off one side, a few do the chunking, and a few are chunking in thier sleep... :)
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