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fish bats!

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After a battle with a 3 digit YFT who makes the best fish bat. I have used the aftco poly bat but want something that really gets the job done. I am looking at the bam bam from meltons or the barbarian made by black bart. Any info would be appreciated also if anybody has made a homemade version i would like to see it.
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Use an ice pick and insert it into their skull. That will put em down fast. There is a spot in the front of their skull you can poke it in. It is a spot of on what would be considered their forehead. Keep the stick for a ling! I heard a rumor someone on this board is making a "Shark Stick." For whom and to settle what unique species I wonder...?
I've seen many different neutralizers on boats. I've been on boats with wooden baseball bats, aluminum baseball bats, ball pen hammers, sledge hammers, axes, 32 oz framing hammers, pistols, shotguns, police billy sticks, ugly billy sticks, bam bams, shovels, re-bar cut offs, even bare fists.

I had chartered a boat out of Key West when I saw the strangest of all skull crushers. The deckhand on the boat was an ex-golden glove boxer who loved to beat the living dodo out of a fishes skull. It was more fun watching him neutralize a fish than catching it. I caught a dolphin and when the fish hit the deck, the deckhand reached in his pocket and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. He put his left hand around gill area and had the fish pinned to the deck. His right hand now with brass knuckles attached pounded the fishes skull numerous times.

I was amazed. The bill fishing was slow so I instructed the Capt. to target kingfish as there was plenty around. I don't really care to waste time catching kingfish, but I just wanted to see more skulls crushed. It was one of the most entertaining fishing trips I've ever been on. I'd hold the kingfish by the tail and the deckhand would stand back and jab the kingfish's head until it was almost removed. He loved it because it was a moving target. His right hand was bleeding from the sharp teeth.This went on for about two hours. Of course, I taunted the deckhand which made him really go crazy. It was a great day for the boxer. He told me that was the most fun he had ever had in his life. I felt the same way and gave him a great tip.
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i use a hickory 'framing hammer' handle packed w/lead in the big end (about 5/8" x 6" of lead packed so tight that nothing is needed to keep it in place)

it's all-in-the-wrist

no need to wind up like you're swinging-for-the-fence

struck right/struck swift/struck hard, one blow is all it takes for anything other than maybe really big sharks.......... and i haven't tried it on one but i bet i could pacify'im

i don't even raise it past my shoulder

when i hit the right spot, it's never taken more'n one blow.......

the jaws lock open and there's a short slight quiver and that's it....... no floppin', no tail slappin'......... regardless of the size fish i've whacked

i call'er "Thumper"

i have one other for back-up, ("Thumper II, The Revenge"), a hickory sledge handle about 16" long packed the same way, maybe a little heavier, with grip-grooves carved into the lower end.......... (could prolly subdue a big shark with that'un)

both have wrist straps to keep'em from gettin away from me

years ago a freind made one with round bar stock stuffed into a rubber heater hose......... nice idea, but the weight ran the entire length and didn't allow for the proper wrist action that you can get if the weight's at the end o'your stick
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I have always stabbed them in the top of the head with my fishing pliers a couple of times and that seems to paralyze them pretty quickly.. I think it does the same thing as "spiking" them... but I always have my billy club as a backup..
one of the best balanced bats made @ demonjigs.com

tropical hardwood,very dense This bat has mana'!!

However for tuna see this pamphlet from another tuna360 post.

I made my own with a lathe. It came out really nice actually. In fact, it might be the purrtiest fish bat on this here side of the missisippi.

The mates on the GEM trip had the trunk of a small tree about 3 feet long and a good handfull diameter. It looked like a very dense, hard wood. Salt cedar, ironwood, manzanita... I am not sure...
They sure seemd to enjoy using it.
I have seen Bret with his fishing pliers... He enjoys using them too. :)
The deckhands at DD's just stomp the lfe out of him. We got into a school of little sharks on our 40hr, and the deckhand pulled the little shark on board, the weight was wrapped on its tail, and it wacked him in the calf, it looked like he had a golf ball under his sking 10minutes later:eek:
He was pissd, they need to get bats, for the big sharks they use a 9mm.

I saw an article in a fishing mag about putting some cheap grain alcohol or shine in a spray bottle and spraying the fishes gills with it i heard it really ko's the fish but I had little luck with it since every time I reached for the bottle the mates were sprayin themselves and couldnt stick the side of a barn but seriously It really puts the fish down with out a stuggle and preseves the meat
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