First tuna fishing experience

Discussion in 'International reports' started by Dan the fisher, Nov 1, 2017.

should i come to SD and do some tuna videos?

  1. yeah man

  2. no, your videos are garbo.. quit life

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  1. Dan the fisher

    Dan the fisher Member

    Hey guys,

    My name is Dan and Im a mate on a salmon fishing charter boat on lake ontario in Canada.

    My captain has been trying to book a trip down to chase tuna for the past few years and we finally got the weather to go! we got into a handful of blackfins, and a couple yellow fins.

    the trip was down to North caroline fishing the outer banks off Oregon inlet but i figure a couple of you guys on here would get a good kick out of this.

    Heres the recap of our trip

    If your curious as to what i do back in canada, check out the other clips on my channel. We are a very similar style of fishing but man do your tuna rip.. and your rigs are insane! (100 pound flouro, crimping rigs on... so much for my baby knots!) I cant imagine fish over 40 let alone fish over 100.. lol

    Maybe one day i will be able to give the SD tuna game a go!


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  2. Astronut

    Astronut Senior Member

    Dan...what an excellent video!..WELL DONE!...

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  3. bnz

    bnz Just a guy who likes to fish

    Great production! Now we just need to get you to catch some on a jigging rod so you can see how much more fun (not to mention easier) it is to fight the fish. :)
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  4. Dan the fisher

    Dan the fisher Member

    Thanks Astro!
  5. Dan the fisher

    Dan the fisher Member

    Its on the bucket list so hopefully sooner than later!! Thanks for the kind words!
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