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    Its a fruiting banana, variety is called Karat,
    one of the better tasting bananas in the world.
    It flowers in late june/july, pick them in september/october.

    Yes, you are correct, store bought banana trees suck for
    the most part.
    But there are plenty of specialty suppliers/nursery of Banana trees,
    where you can purchase hundreds of different varieties.

    The standard Banana in the supermarket is called Cavendish,
    which represents about 95% of the commercial banana crop worldwide.
    The Cavendish sucks when it comes to taste, but was selected for its
    disease resistance the last time in the 1950's the banana plantations were wiped out
    by a disease. Which is starting to occur again, this time with Cavendish.
    The original banana, the one your parents ate, was called Gros Michel,
    or "Big Mike" was a very good tasting banana. You can purchase
    from a nursery and they are easy to grow.

    Check out this website/forum,
    you will find plenty of info on sourcing great tasting bananas
    and how to grow them.
    If I lived in a warmer climate where they would survive in the ground
    outdoors year round, I would have several dozen varieties growing.

    If you have an Asian market or Ranch 99 nearby,
    go there, look for THAI BANANA or Burro Banana
    they are shorter and fatter than regular banana.
    Let the skin turn 60% black, like it went bad,
    then it is ripe, peel and eat.
    You might see Manzano Banana in your part of the world,
    interesting as well.

    Burro Banana

    Burro Banana, let it get more black than these in the picture,
    they are under ripe this way. Let them get black, start trying
    them when 50% black, and let some go further, to see where
    you like the taste the best. The Burro get creamy with a little
    lemon taste to it. Thai has a little pineapple taste, the Manzano
    has a little apple taste to it.
    The Karat I grow, and some other varieties you can grow are really delicious,
    you eat these, and it hard to eat a mealy and pasty Cavendish.

    Burro still not ripe here, you can try, but better when more black.
    burro ripe.jpg

    I over winter a few hot & super hot pepper plants in containers,
    dig them out of the ground at end of the season.
    Good idea to prune back to about 1 foot in height,
    even if you leave in ground, helps invigorate the plant,
    and create new strong branches to support the next pepper crop.
    You can get some varieties of peppers to live for 7 years or longer.
    I grow about 50 varieties of hot and sweet peppers

    PS> banana is in green house at ground level.
    Warmer weather it comes outside to grow.
    Produces new baby "pups" plants every year.
    You can see the banana in the background in this picture.
    Green houses are 36' x 150' x 18' tall

    Here are pups/baby banana from the big banana tree,
    when I put in larger container, they will get to 6 feet tall
    in 2 months.

    Baby Fig tree coming out of dormancy with figs already
    developing on it while it slept
    This tree originally comes from France. I imported
    several hundreds trees from a very famous nursery for figs in France.

    Lemon tree flowering this weekend.
    I have to hand pollinate the flowers using a paint brush.
    I keep this tree small, but it still produces 15-20 lemons
    a year. I grew it from seed, for sport/challenge.
    I get fruit in fall, will take a picture.

    I have 2 Lemon trees and a Lime tree from a seed
    I saved from a south pacific island on a fishing trip 10 years ago.
    The lime was originally brought there by the spanish in the
    1500's, and it changed a bit over the years.
    Inside is greenish/red in color, and delicious lime taste with
    no tartness to it, unique.

    Lemon tree with praying mantis egg sack on it,
    that is a NY mantis that is overwintering in NJ :)
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    I agree that you/I will do well with long term play in oil.
    I purchased RDS.A & B Shell Oil at $20 as a long term (years)
    hold, some XON as well same crash day.
    For the short term, I think there is more pain in oil,
    for 2-3 more weeks, until Mid May.
    Might have opportunity to add to your positions again.
    We might see bottom in oil soon, but it will take
    many months before we see major spike in price,
    think U, not V
    CNX might suffer in price before that spike in oil.

    CNX is at where I have notation on chart I posted for you,
    please look at where it goes next. :oops:
    The many bankruptcies coming from small/med drillers,
    and closing of wells, will have a negative effect on CNX.
    This reduction is wells/activity will be the potential
    cause of the oil price rise itself.
    (CNX is also looking parabolic right now,
    and each and every parabolic move ends
    with a return to the origin.)

    Corona is not over, most have flattened the curve,
    now try to go back to biz as usual, and it will spike again,
    or maintain at a certain level, not "going away"
    Business reopen to reduced activity and more opportunity
    to lose more money. Huge losses, large bills from lockdown,
    reduced sales/biz going forward, means more loses and more bad days for stock market. Underlying fundamentals are in trouble.
    Cure, sell the news when you hear it.
    The pop to buy is maybe the Vaccine news.
    I am waiting for multi year low to buy many stocks
    to hold for many years, time is not yet, or past yet,
    still in the future, according to charting.

    UGAZ closes at $36.20
    Up 69% in 5 days
    with potentially more to come.
    If we stay above 1.867 on Nat Gas we go to 2.05
    cheerleader 3.gif

    Up 69% in 5 days
    cheerleader 69.gif
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    OIL is $15.65 this morning,
    was as low as $11.85 already.

    Here is a forecast from 4/22/19,
    one year ago
    Who could have possibly known oil was going to
    sub $20, $15 range.
    Impossible anybody could have foresaw the devastation in oil prices.
    crude 4-22 (1).jpg
    My position in SCO is up about 30% this morning, had to switch into SCO
    from DWT as it was called in and delisted by the issuer a couple of weeks ago.

    #HUNGRYJACK 2020

    Nat Gas broke support as well overnight two times,
    above support right now, but breaking it was not good potentially.
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    Natural Gas.gif

    Updating my forecast. 1.851 is now critical support on NG.

    If we break that,
    then we can see 1.30-1.40 before we cycle higher.

    nat gas now.png
    Protection - condom, face mask, protective stop loss :)
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    SCO UP 51% TODAY
    to $53.00

    Paid $20 on April 9
    switched to SCO from DWT which was delisted.

    Oil is currently $12.88

    Told you last week, things changed,
    why I said I no longer like Oil going forward
    for the next few weeks, and tried, to get out of
    my USO position. Only shed a bit, stuck with most of the position,
    which is losing now, and will get worse.
    Hopefully will ride it back up, if it doesn't get delisted as well.

    Your CNX might have popped its load this morning,
    and now headed to where its forecasted in chart I posted.

    Lots of bankruptcies coming in the oil sector,
    even with it getting bailed out by trump,
    will be less need and less expansion of the
    services part of the industry.
    I know a friend of friend that is an exec
    in the services industry, he is expecting to
    be laid off within 30 days, he long time experienced
    and earns a large salary, an "essential" employee.
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    SLV @ 13.70
    GLD @ 158.10
    GDX @ 30.55
    Secret Sauce Trade

    HJ is betting the metals, gold/silver and miners
    are going lower.
    Might not be a profitable season for Parker on GoldRush :)

    UP 62% today

    Pierre Porridge brags about 60% in a month,
    HJ does it in a DAY !!


    $10.33 is next support level,
    we cut through that,
    and its probably $5.25 for WTI/OIL
    Below, 13.86, this remains valid.

    oil now (1).png
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    sold 60% of my remaining SCO at 64.50

    got stopped out of UGAZ at 35.00

    Nat as broke support, we are probably headed lower,
    might see new lows.

    Remember, nat gas is not just for heat,
    it generates electric. If malls are shut,
    they don't need heat, or air conditioning, or
    electric for lights/equipment,
    same for many other businesses.
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    Secret Sauce System

    SELL UNG @ 14.36

    Entry price - $12.15

    Profit - 18.19%

    Monsieur Porridge
    CNX looks a little green around the gills,
    even more so with Nat Gas up 6% today.

    Who could have known :)

    Secret Sauce System

    BUY TLT @ 169.70
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    Secret Sauce System


    QQQ @ 210.25
    IWM @ 119.35
    SPY @ 278.75
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    Jack, Is it possible for you to not take over threads? This one is for tuna fishing in Panama.
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    Click on user name and a box will appear. You’ll have four options in blue to click on. Click on “ignore” and voila! 360 just became a better place for you.
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    I wish I had that luxury....
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    I think it is a little late for that :)

    But, I will start another one for stocks.

    What could be better than this thread if you are interested
    in YFT in Panama?
    You can follow along with a Panama lodge owner's trades,
    and make enough to pay for your trip to his lodge :)
    Win, Win.

    Who knew Ballywho had some stock skills.
    We thought he was just a good looking frenchman,
    that did the SPJ thing and wore those crazy shorts.

    In the meantime........


    Swing Trade Account
    "Pay for Panama Trip Trade"

    SPXS @ 11.35
    SQQQ @ 13.00
    TZA @ 44.65
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    good, back to thread.
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    yeah, yeah
    after frenchie and I stop posting about stocks,
    there won't be another post about YFT :)

    Oh, other than Dan announcing his trip has been
    postponed to the fall next :)

    Starting new stock thread,
    HJ haters are welcome as well.


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    what are you breaking soil for? soybeans?
    gotta be a shitload to support the payments for those babies....
    nice peppers, too!
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    Yes agreed its 50/50 at best - but we have to try to get down there. I think it's going to be a stellar season.... be ashame to not fish Panama this year but it is what it is. If we can go safely we will go if not maybe this Fall and the annual trip for 2021 is already booked (PM for dates if anyone is game).

    Yesterday's report from the Govt:

    They are taking the stay at home very seriously 2 hours per week outside, different days for men / women. Close to 500 arrested the other day for breaking the order

    There is a subscribe link at the very bottom of the repost if anyone is interested


    On the evening of April 22, 2020, President Nito Cortizo addressed the nation prior to the official government press conference that is aired nightly on local new channels.

    His primary message throughout the 45-minute speech was one of gratefulness to the Panamanian people for their discipline and the difficult sacrifices that they have made over the last five weeks, which are now paying off in terms of the decreased rate of transmission of the virus in the country. He reiterated his absolute faith in his team of advisors and stated that all of the decisions he is making as president with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be guided by scientific evidence. However, he warn…
    [8:53 PM, 4/23/2020] alex Livingston: Things are pretty crazy here the police are very very strict in lockdown.....I see this going on for a while unfortunately
    [9:33 PM, 4/23/2020] alex Livingston: Daily Update from Official Government Press Conference April 23, 2020

    • Epidemiologist Dr. Lourdes Moreno reported the cases of COVID-19 to date:

    - 174 new cases in the last 24 hours (a 3.5% increase over previous day’s total)
    - 5,166 accumulated cases in total
    - 3,351 recovering in self-isolation at home
    - 1,042 recovering in hospital-hotels
    - 263 receiving treatment in regular hospital wards
    - 93 in intensive care units (ICU)
    - 146 deceased
    - 271 fully recovered from an epidemiological perspective (an increase of 16 in the last 24 hours)
    - 2,260 recovered from a clinical perspective, which means they have no symptoms after at least 14 days in isolation and are pending two consecutive negative tests (an increase of 33 in the last 24 hours)

    • In terms of cases across age groups:

    - Under 20: 308 cases in total with two deaths
    - 20-39: 2,151 cases in total with five deaths
    - 40-59: 1,920 cases in total with 26 deaths
    - 60-79: 665 cases in total with 74 deaths
    - 80+: 122 cases in total with 39 deaths
    - 77% of all deaths have occurred in the age groups over 60

    • 832 new tests were carried out in the last 24 hours, for a cumulative total of 23,534 (5,500 tests per million population). Results to date are 76.4% negative and 23.6% positive.

    • Dr. Nadja Porcell, the Director of General Health for the Ministry of Health, reported that the Minister of Health has called for expedited second and third tests of COVID-19+ patients who have recovered from a clinical perspective.

    • She also reported that 2,651 swabs have been collected from the drive-through testing stations in the country since their implementation, which produces an average of 150 tests/day from these facilities.

    • Dr. Porcell spoke with regard to the timeframe for the possible lifting of quarantine measures in 15 days. She said that restrictions will not automatically be lifted at the 15-day mark. Rather, the Ministry of Health - together with the other key Ministries - will wait for 15 days to ensure that the active rate of transmission in Panama is below 1 and then announce if and when some commercial activities will be allowed to resume. In the meantime, the Ministry of Health is preparing protocols for the commercial sector with regard to biosecurity measures that will need to be implemented so that businesses will have clear guidelines for new health requirements when it is announced that they may resume business.

    • Dr Enrique Lau, Director of the Social Security Agency (CSS), presented a detailed report regarding COVID-19+ health workers within his agency. A total of 109 CSS workers have tested positive for the virus, and of these, 66 were infected in their workplace, 40 outside of the workplace (via community transmission) and three are under investigation. Those infected include 21 nurses, 17 doctors, 11 cleaners, eight nursing technicians, six pharmacy workers and three administrative staff. With the exception of five workers from the Soná hospital, the remainder are from CSS hospitals and clinics in Panama City. Dr. Lau stated that health care workers need to take extra precautions when they are traveling to and from work and during their meal breaks, as that is when they are at greatest risk of exposure.

    • The CSS has administered 40,150 vaccines to elderly residents of care homes and pensioners. Senior citizens (aged 60+) are encouraged to contact their local CSS clinics to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine. Other individuals who are insured by the CSS and qualify to receive the shot include children under five years of age, pregnant women and people with chronic conditions.

    • The Ministry of Health also administers flu shots (132,293 people vaccinated to date) and has a toll-free number for those who wish to book an appointment: 800 6467.

    • The Minister of Public Security announced that a total of 480 people were arrested yesterday for breaking quarantine (of these 393 were men, 57 were women and 30 were minors). The province of Veraguas reported the least number of quarantine violations, with only 13 arrests yesterday.

    • In the last 36 days of total quarantine, a total of 20,647 individuals have been retained for quarantine violations, with most violations occurring in the provinces of Panamá (31.4%), Panamá Oeste (19.6%) and Chiriquí (12.8%) to date.

    • Six taxi drivers have been arrested for drug trafficking during the quarantine period. They had been using their circulation permits (“salvoconductos” in Spanish) to transport illicit substances.

    • Members of the police force have received body cameras for live recording and monitoring of operatives.

    • Eight hotels in Chiriquí and Panamá provinces have donated rooms to house public security officers. The Ministry is looking for hotels in Colón, Coclé and Darién to house another 1,023 members of the security forces to prevent officers from possibly transmitting the virus to their families and local communities when they are off duty. To date, there have been six deaths from COVID-19 in the country’s public security forces. There are 366 active cases that have been confirmed, plus an additional 423 suspected cases that are in preventive isolation at the moment. A total of 65 officers have fully recovered and 791 have been released from enforced quarantine after testing negative for the virus.

    • The Plan Panamá Solidario social assistance program has delivered 508,975 food parcels and 383,620 grocery vouchers to date. The Office for Governmental Innovation and the Office of the Presidency expect to launch the new electronic debit system (using cédula numbers) to replace food vouchers shortly.

    IMPORTANT: The Minister of Public Security announced that this Saturday, April 25, will be an absolute quarantine day, on which no one will be allowed to circulate.

    This information has been presented by PGS Realty and is the intellectual property of our firm. We do not authorize the reproduction or publication of this information in social media channels without our express written consent. For further information or to add your friends or family members to our distribution list, please contact Emily Pérez via E-mail [email protected] mailto:[email protected]
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    Hello HJ, everything going well right now. Portfolio keeps outperforming the market by 100/200%. I think we will reach a short term high next monday or tuesday. Preparing massive profit taking in case we go up till then (another 6-8% on the S&P give or take), and if we do will make a quick swing on reverse index trackers and VIX trackers. Right now it looks super bulish short term (daily).
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    super, super, super bullish... Main portfolio up 6.5% today !!! Getting closer to profit taking levels... Still missing a bit. BTW still in my PAGP and CCL trades that I posted here. Exited WHR today with nice profit
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    Looks like another correct prediction for HJ.
    Not a single additional post about YFT.