First time Yellow Fin Tuna Panama

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    Heading down to Paradise Lodge 2nd week of May plan is to fish top water spinning and swim baits was hoping for some advise on plus selections color and size
    Thanks Tommy
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    Is this your first trip of this style or just your first trip to the lodge? Also are you buying new gear or do you have some? Also what are you planning to fish for? I know some guys just go for tuna and others go for as much as they can catch.

    The options are really endless so without knowing what you might have or what you have done in the past it’s hard to offer up specifics. Biggest thing I’ve seen from fishing down there multiple times is have confidence in your lures and if they are easy to work you will be able to fish longer and have more opportunities. Let me know what you think about my questions and I’ll help in any way I can.

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    Thanks for your quick response I personally have not targeted Yellow Fin Tuna. I have done many trips to East Cape for Roosterfish on Fly and light tackle with other species as by catch. My friend talked me into this trip as he has gone before but to a different outfitter. I recently purchased a Saltiga Airportable C85XXHS rod that I'm pairing up with a Stella 1400XG. I am hoping to also land some on my 14 weight Cam Sigler Fly Rod. Hoping for some sail fish, Cubera and roosters as well
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    Ok so you are far from newbie! From what I’ve seen the tuna it all depends on what they are eating. First trip down they were keyed in on small bait the first 3 days so smaller lures (Shimano orca floating or sinking, jackfin Pelagus 90, Jackfin Lara, or small poppers), the last day we caught them on the biggest size of the orcas. So it can change fast.

    My last trip an amegari popper caught all my fish (tuna, cubera, mahi, jacks, and others). The bigger fcl poppers are great for getting cubera up from the deep but can take it out of you casting all day. Halco roosters are popular as are yozuri bull pops. You might be able to find some similar threads on here from past trips and if you are going with the group I think you are there will be a ton of tackle down there. Striker offshore tackle who is a sponsor here has the jackfin and fcl.

    For fly fishing I think just have flies the cover all sizes and be ready to cast as soon as the boat stops. you typically run and gun in front of schools of dolphin or to boiling fish so they don’t always stick around for long!
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    Thank you much great info will check out Striker tackle
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    @Boston Tangler has experience in Panama, he can point you in the right direction!
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    Check out the Sorry Charlie in sardine pattern from Siren lures.
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    Not sure if you are aware,
    but Panama has banned all international and domestic flights.
    They did this with less than 100 cases of corona in their country.

    I would suggest that your chances of being able to enter Panama
    during May, from a country like the US or any other experiencing a major
    corona breakout is about ZERO at this point,
    and probably won't change either.

    My suggestion, is to secure a REFUND for your trip.

    I would be very hesitant to roll my deposit onto another
    trip later in the year or next season.
    Not just in Panama, but in many fishing locations,
    there will be many fishing lodge operators going out of business
    from this event, as they cannot afford the loss in business and survive.

    I would caution any fisherman on putting down deposits with lodges
    for fishing later this year or next season.
    Your risk of losing your deposit, is higher than its ever been before.

    Overseas lodge goes under, with your money,
    chance of a refund is near zero.

    This is not a specific warning against the lodge you are going to,
    as it is a nice lodge and well run.
    It is a warning for any and all foreign and domestic sport fishing operations.
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    I agree with hungry jack I had a trip planned to go to Philippines. When i tried to cancel I only got offered 60% of the cost.
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  10. NickyRod

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    This is so sad, for those of us that are more fortunate during these trying times, please remember to support our beloved fishing industry through this crisis, especially the small guys!!
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  11. HungryJack

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    You're not the only one.
    Here is a new post about similar issues.


    Good idea to use a credit card for any travel related trips
    one might make. If a lodge doesn't accept credit cards,
    which is fairly common, might be a good idea to choose one
    that does for your trip.
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    Heard another Corona related fishing trip issue.

    Friend called today,
    he had booked a trip with one of the East Coast tackle dealers
    that organize trips. His trip is in a few weeks.

    He said for the past month, emails
    and phone calls have gone unanswered about
    the status of this trip, ie cancellation.

    He also had placed with the same dealer an order
    5 weeks ago for a few house brand rods, lures,
    and some terminal gear for the trip.
    Rods were out of stock at the time, but he was told
    they were arriving within the week and would ship

    Two weeks ago, seeing the probability of this trip not
    happening, and still not receiving his order,
    he sent several emails and called several times to
    cancel the order completely, as nothing had shipped in 3+ weeks.

    On friday, he receives a shipment and email.
    The shipment does not contain the rods he ordered,
    they were substituted with other rods that were twice the price.
    Many of the jig he ordered, Japanese brands, we substituted with
    house brand or other brand jigs.
    His original order more than doubled in price.

    The email notified him,
    the lodge was still up and operating as there are
    no shutdown rules in effect for their business.
    The fact that you can't enter their country is not
    really their fault, and they are ready to take you fishing.
    The dealer referred to it as an act of god,
    and absolve themselves of any responsibility for the loss of
    the trip payment made to them.
    Or any possibility of rescheduling.

    Fortunately he paid with credit card for his order
    and the trip. Which the dealer originally wanted to
    be paid for with check/wire,
    but my friend told him he didn't have the money
    and needed to put the trip on his card in order to go.

    PS> international freight rates have skyrocketed with
    the reduction in passenger flights, which carry about 80%
    of the air cargo in the world.
    Many of these dealers rely on air freight to ship
    their rods and lures, are finding wait times of many weeks
    to months for available space,
    or pay 5x or more than before to get it moved quickly.
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  14. lite-liner

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  15. HungryJack

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    Maybe in the not too distant future
    there will be a post,
    from the horses mouth.

    That you will probably be compelled,
    and/or asked to be deleted.

  16. lite-liner

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    I reside in no pockets but my own, sir...
    just remember who couldn't help but post a teaser.......
  17. HungryJack

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    Just relating a situation I was told about.

    Didn't name name's
    as that is not appropriate for me to do.
    And, should and would result in being deleted.
  18. ballywho

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    Only really badly managed lodges will go out of business. Reputable operations can easily cope with 1+ year closure, which is way more restriction than the world economy can cope with anyway.

    Now if every client play stupid and ask for a full refund, for sure it will bankrupt the whole tourism industry. I'm personnaly losing a lot of money, with 75% of my operating costs still running even if clients don't show, + all the reschedules cannibalizing future bookings. I do allow everyone to reschedule, but I also do ask for an excess fee of 500 dollars to do so. Fortunately 95% of my clients have been totally understanding and happy with this settlment. It's not my fault, it's not the guest fault, it is one of those exceptional situation where we need to be comprehensive and HELP eachother, not be selfish.

    My point is that the only intelligent way to deal with such a crisis is that both parties take a part of the loss, so that everyone gets out of the crisis with little harm, but fine. Your advice is plain stupid and egoist and people reacting like you is what will create the most economical damages in this crisis.

    That being said, I do hope customers will wise up and remember which lodges and travel agent allowed rescheduling and which ones kept all the money and took advantage of the situation. Would be really shitty if the guys not playing fair don't get punished.... In a crisis like that some are trying to do what's right, other take advantage. I really hope all will be remembered....
  19. HungryJack

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    So a client, who asks for a refund is STUPID???
    Really dude?

    Your self centered tunnel vision has gotten the best of you.

    Pretend you ordered fishing rods from a dealer,
    and they tell you, they can't deliver your order when expected,
    and it will be 6 months or maybe a year before you get your rods.
    Would you be stupid to cancel your order?
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  20. HungryJack

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    There are very few businesses in any aspect of the travel industry
    that can survive a year closure,
    that included large multinational corporations or small mom and pop type businesses.

    Exactly why, with the prospects of 6 months or longer of lockouts
    for travel to many countries,
    for the consumer, the person who spent the money on the trip,
    waiting to receive their benefit from their expenditure,
    you want the consumer to risk their money,
    so their funds can bankroll a shuttered operation,
    and MAYBE in the future, they will get a chance to get a benefit
    from their money.

    From a pure business standpoint, that is lunacy, sorry.
    As a consumer, instead of taking a refund, which is stupid according to you,
    I should now RISK MY MONEY, that the operator will survive this event,
    delay my receiving a benefit for a year potentially,
    increasing my risk of loss from a lodge bankruptcy or maybe personal
    or financial issues I might have during the next year,
    so that my money, will act as an interest free and collateral free loan
    to a business, in an industry, that is in severe trouble.

    Do I get a reduced trip rate for rescheduling, probably not.

    Do I get more days added to my trip for free,
    for the interest free loan I am extending to a lodge
    for a year, with great risk to myself?

    What if, god forbid, the lodge operator has an issue
    with the virus, dies, or some other family member does,
    that causes them to abandon their business because of it.

    So, the stupid customer who asks for his money back,
    is not assuming any of the risks to his money,

    that the smart customer,
    who extends and interest free and collateral free loan
    to a lodge or fishing operation,
    is the wiser of the two.

    Unfortunately, any business person or
    consumer protection group would disagree with you.

    Simply called risk management.
    To leave a deposit or payment with any tour operator
    at this point,
    is assuming additional and tremendous risk,