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    Hi everyone, hopefully I'm posting in the right area here.
    I stumbled across Tuna 360 today and I have to say this has got to be one of the best boads I've seen! I'm looking into getting into the Cape Cod BFT bite and reading some of these posts REALLY have me looking forward to having next week off! Does anyone here have any advice for a Cape Cod rookie? By that I mean I've never fished the area, I have about 25 yrs of inshore salt experience though (yes, I became addicted at the age of FIVE!)
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    Welcome aboard allTideup.
    Many members here are enjoying catching bluefin on poppers in Cape Cod and you'll get tons of information. I go up there again tomorrow and it is my seventh trip from June this year.

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    Welcome to the board.

    There is a wealth of knowledge here on the site and tons of guys with alot more knowledge then me willing to help, just ask!
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    Thanks for the fast replies guys! I'm trying to get some of my regular fishing buddies together & tow up one morning next week. I'm thinking of launching in Plymouth (2 hr tow) and heading east toward P Town until we come across some life. Is that the logical way to go? The boat's smallish (1988 Robalo 20 w/65 gal fuel & 150 merc) but she's good in pretty rough water.
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    I run a 20 Triton CC up there and you really need to watch the weather and pick a day when the forecast is in your favor. 20 ft. is not the best platform to run the bay and outer waters with and can become down right dangerous if you are not smart and keep on your toes. Believe me I have a bunch of runs up there in the past three years and several of them were not fun coming back to the ramp and took over 2 hours to get back when it should be more like 30 min. I have learned everytime I have launched and this has been invaluable information. This is not inshore fishing by any stretch of the imagination and it can and will kill you and your crew if you are not extremely careful and respect the OCEAN! I am not trying to scare you into not going but do want you to consider what you are doing. There was a 31' Fountain that went down on the bank earlier in June and that is a boat that should not have any problems out there. Make sure all of your gear is tip top and you have all of the necessary safety gear and spares. It is a huge area and even though there are usually boats within sight you culd get caught without anyone near you and the water is very cold up there unlike the inshore waters. Anything can happen even though you think you have thought of everything so being prepared is the #1 priority.

    Your plan to launch in Plymouth and head east is a good one and should help you to find some fish at some point. If you don't find any be prepared to do some serious cruising to find em'. I have 80 Ga. and usually do about 120-130 mi. per trip using about half of my fuel capacity with a Honda 130. If your Merc is a two stroke you won't get nearly the range I have so keep a close eye on your fuel during the day and don't get caught without enough fuel to get you home. Good luck and be safe as well as have a ton of fun......Welcome aboard!
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    I appriciate the heads up. I guess I did fail to mention that safety is my #1 priority and ALWAYS comes first any time the boat leaves the trailer. I've been in bad spots and I know you can end up in them even with the best of planning and years and years of experience. The fuel situation is certainly one of my top concerns (leaving a 10% reserve I have a 100 mile range) and we're planning on going prepared for a fuel stop on the way back in P town. Ideally, I'd like to just drive up and launch there but that seams somewhat unreasonable. In keeping that particular option open, does doing that diminish the chances of success up there? Doing that would extend my towing time and would probably warrant an overnight stay somewhere on the cape.