Finishing a GUSA Wahoo 8 ft. Jigging rod

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by STx Fisherman, May 9, 2008.

  1. STx Fisherman

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    I started building a GUSA Wahoo jigging rod a couple of days ago. I used Fuji titanium guides, ALPS reel seat and gimbal. This rod is VERY light. I think it's going to be a great jigging rod for slow, deep jigging or even for yo-yo jigging. I have finished wrapping the rod and just applied a coating of color preserver.

    Attached are some pics....

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  2. paul708

    paul708 Site Sponsor

    nice job
    cant wait to see the finished rod
    That GUSA wahoo is a very nice blank, you willl be happy with it

  3. Snagged

    Snagged Senior Member

    Looks real good Richard.
  4. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    Very Nice Richard!!!! Now if that wind will ever stop blowing....... you can put a good bend in it..
  5. Sea Crappie

    Sea Crappie Senior Member

    Well done Richard,

    Congrats on a great rod. Hopefully we'll be jigging up some monster grouper and YFT on the 4th trip. I've got a long St. Croix on the rod lathe right now, and a 6.5ft cosmotech kevlar blank will follow it for grouper.

    Sick looking rod.

    Sea Crappie
  6. Grescobia

    Grescobia Senior Member

    What is the sparkling water used for? Nice looking rod
  7. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    What is the sparkling water used for? Nice looking rod

    I don't know about the sparkling water is for but i know he might have use those green tea to baptist the rod :D.

    nice looking rod.
  8. STx Fisherman

    STx Fisherman Senior Member

    I was drinking one of those waters as I was mounting the rod on the turner.
  9. STx Fisherman

    STx Fisherman Senior Member

    Finished the final coat of epoxy this afternoon. I am pretty pleased with the outcome but it wasn't a job without screw-ups. When installing the butt grip I did not put the epoxy up high enough on the rod. The epoxy acts like a lubricant when you apply it to the top of where the grip sits when it stops and I just failed to do that. Needless to say, I was not able to push the grip all of the way down on the first try and I had to cut the entire grip off. In doing so, I left a nice scratch on the blank which I was able to partially cover with the decorative wrap. Oh well, live and learn. Here are the finished pics which look alot like the other pics. Can't wait to try this rod out!

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  10. Billy 40

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    Next time a foam grip gets stuck, and you know when it's gettign stuck as you're pretty far up from where it has to go and it';s starting to compress - try to push it back UP the blank, and shoot some Denatured alcohol into teh thop of the grip, which will give you added lubrication. I find myself getting more grips stuck using Rod Bond type of epoxy, I've now gone to mixing denatured into teh epoxy, and dripping more on teh blank and inside the grip when installing - it it MUCH easier to get down that way.

    Nice job.
  11. Bellyups

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    Looks great Richard!!!