Finally here!! Newest Owner GP2-60 and GP2-50 Split Ring pliers arrived

Discussion in 'Sponsor Market Place' started by Boston Tangler, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Boston Tangler

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    Must be my lucky day, after much waiting the new Owner GP series pliers are here.

    Really nice I saw these at the Toyko Show this past Feb. and immediately placed an order with Owner JP. Took a long, long time and lots of emails but pleased to report they are finally in stock and back orders will be filled today.

    Very nice and lightweight. Easy to grip, great cutters with replaceable blades (yes I can provide them), and a knot puller on the inside of the handle, I circled it in red in one of the photos.

    2019-11-20 19.08.11.jpg 2019-11-20 19.08.29.jpg 2019-11-20 19.08.34.jpg 2019-11-20 19.08.39-1.jpg 2019-11-20 19.08.39.jpg 2019-11-20 19.08.44.jpg 2019-11-20 19.08.48-1.jpg
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  2. Stevo

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    Just click on the link
  3. Boston Tangler

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    $95 or both pairs (50 and 60) for $180.00

    Might be on sale or do some Holiday promotions before or around Thanksgiving
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