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Fin-Nor reel choice help please!

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I am getting ready to buy a Fin-Nor Offshore reel on ebay. I saw one of the smaller models at Cabelas the other day but have not seen the big guys. Would the OFS95 be too much reel for Texas offshore? I will primarily be using it for topwater tuna and kings. I want to use 30lb mono on it. The model 85 holds 540 of 20lb and the model 95 holds a full 600 of 20lb. I dont know the size difference between the models so your help would be appreciated. Which should I go with? THANKS! Jason
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Fin Nor 85 and 95 are simply too heavy as their weights are 37.9 oz and 38.9 oz, respectively.
The weights of 65 and 75 have slight difference as 65 is 31.2 oz while 75 is 32 oz. However I feel the line capacity of 300 yard of 25 lbs mono of 75 is minimum for big tuna. Forget about their braided line capacity of the reels suggested by Fin Nor. They are totally wrong. If you are lucky, you'll get 300 yard of 80 lbs braided line on 75.
So my choice for tuna with the reel is Fin Nor 75.
That is some much appreciated and useful info. I agree that the 75 will be the best choice based on that information. I have never used braid on a spinning outfit (or stand up tackle for that matter). How much mono would you splice in as a top shot based on this real size with 80 lb braid?
The general tendency is to use shorter mono leader line. 12 -20 ft is good enough.
I prefer not to use a topshot on a spinning reel. less knots to worry about and more line capacity. YOU DO have to be careful next to the boat as to keep you line off the hull. I use a short 3 foot leader of flourocarbon, and even shorter on topwaters(12-18"). tied to the spectra with a polamar knots on both ends of a SPRO Power Swivel 230#.
Jason: As an amateur having far less experience than Kil, I nevertheless agree with him on all points. That having been said, I doubt that either the weight or line capacity will make all that much difference when you get a big fish on the line and end up in the emergency room with a team of surgeons trying remove the main gear from your...but you get the picture.

I went to Cabela's to pick up a 7500 and they had the three other models but no 75. I went ahead and got the 8500. You are absolutely correct that this is a very heavy reel. I am a big dude though so that is not a problem for me. I like the handle of the 85 over the 75 as well. More to grip on the long fights plus the huge capacity adds peace of mind.

I like the way that it is built for a $150 reel. It is all cast aluminum though. I took it apart and everything seems rugged enough. The only concern that I have is the anti-reverse. I am kind of spoiled from my other reels, but there is just not that great. The overall smoothness of the reel is not as good as an accurate, stella, van staal, etc, but it is just a fraction of the price.
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