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    When I got home yesterday, there was a small box on the front porch. Forgotten what I had ordered, I was puzzled for a moment. Then, inspecting the shipping label, I was reminded of the reel I pre-ordered a few weeks back—the FIN NOR Offshore 9500 spinnning reel.

    I opened the packaging to find a nice black box with gold printing. I was really excited like a little boy in a candy store. This reel was big. Bigger than the Shimano Stella 16000 and the Penn 9500.

    My first impression was that this reel can handle big fish. It has a big 2 ½-inch diameter drag washer behind the spool and 3 more drag washers the same size as a US quarter. I spooled this reel with 100 yards of 200# spectra to test how much drag it would generate. I lifted 30# dead weight and have about ¾ turn to total lock down.

    I noticed this reel doesn’t have an instant anti-reverse and it comes with only a single anti-reverse pawl. The bail arm feels weaker than the Shimano Stella 16000. And, there is a spool sleeve between the spool and drag washers that is made of plastic. This area is where the most heat is generated, making me question whether the plastic spool sleeve will melt on a tough battle. Only time can tell.

    Over all this is a decent alternative to high-dollar spinning reels on the market. At $169 including shipping it’s definitely a bargain compared to the Accurate TS30 at $800, the Shimano Stella 20000FA or PG at $600-800, and theDaiwa Saltiga 6000GT at $500-700.
    If you have a tight budget and are looking for a big game spinning reel, this may just be the best bang for your bucks.

    1. $169 price tag
    2. Readily available
    3. Big drag surface
    4. Nice rubber grip
    5. Big stainless steel gearing

    1. No instant anti reversed
    2. Bail arm feel weak
    3. Plastic drag knob
    4. Plastic spool sleeve

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  2. Minnow

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    FIN NOR OS9500 and Shimano Stella 16000

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  3. MrBill

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    Great report. You seem to give an honest opinion on your reports. I like that. You seem to it the way it is and don't favor products. My only question is did you remember how to put it back together? Is this the reel that you are giving away for the guy that catches the biggest tuna in November?
  4. Minnow

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    I did put it back in a zip lock bag :D,

    All joking aside, this is the same reel for December give away and I did put it back together.:p
  5. mozambik

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    looks like a great reel for the price

    maybe its just what i need :$
  6. Dr Jeff

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    minnow:do you suggest Shimano drag grease on the fiber washers?
  7. Minnow

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    This reel come with wet drag, there is no need to appy additional grease to the drag washers.
    If your reel has been used and your drag is not smooth anymore, apply small amount of drag grease (either Shimano or from Cal 2-speed). JMO
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    Hi Minnow, could you kindly post a photo of the OS95's anti-reverse system for us? A single dog sounds kinda flimsy for 60lbs of drag but if it looks tough enough, I'm sure many of us wiill get one of these Fin Nor spinners. Thanks a whole bunch
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    Welcome aboard Stickbom.

    I will take it picture tommorow and post it up.
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    That plastic spool sleeve looks like it is delrin which is highly resistant to water and has a very low coefficient of friction and is self lubricating.

    We used it impregnated with teflon in the medical industry for applications where high stress, low friction and durability were important.

    It is a material that is not a metal but comes pretty close. You can buy it impregnated with Kevlar if you want extreme durability.

    I would not worry about that plastic sleeve failing if it's Delrin.
  12. Minnow

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    Welcome aboard Nardin.

    How can I distinguish Delrin than regular plastic?
  13. Nardin

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    Hard to know for sure, but it would be an ideal engineering choice for moving parts in which low friction, high strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, very low moisture absorption, and abrasion resistance are critical

    Also Delrin has a wide range of chemical resistance, including many solvents.

    The white color and appearance tipped me off. Most common color is white. for standard Delrin.

    Probably bought in standard length/dia rods or tubes and machined.

    I think the hardness on the Rockwell scale is 120 or so, meaning you can hit it with a hammer and not damage it.
  14. Socal

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    Any comment about this reel compared with the Penn 9500 ??

  15. Minnow

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    Welcome to 360tuna.

    This reel has more drag, smoother, has bigger, and stronger SS gears compare to 9500. Single anti reverse dog might be the weakest point. JMO
  16. fish on

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    hi guys this is my first time on this forum i am an avid angler from the islands an think i will be purchasing this reel to hunt wahoo and dolphin for the christmas thanks for the info
  17. Minnow

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    Welcome aboard Fish on.

    I am glad you find this info helpful.
    Please let us know how it perform.
  18. catcrave

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    I'm kindda new to this forum. I am interested in buying this new fin nor reel as well. It seems like the anti reverse system is the only down fall to this reel. I thought Penn 9500s also has the similar antireverse system (one pin). Is that right? Anyhow, I'm enjoy reading all the forum of this webpage and looking forward to the report on the performance of this reel.
  19. Pescador

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    Penn 9500 - is possible to fit 2 anti-reverse pawls see Capt.Geof site in Kona for details.
    I've got fish 70lbs + on a 6500 and 1 pawl tho.
    I'd love to see this Fin-Nor take 60lbs of drag.........mmmmmmmmmmm!
    My Saltiga Z4500 will do 10kgs, I know cus I've tested it, you pays for what you get eh guys???
    Tight lines.
  20. Ragman

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    Hey Pescador!

    Welcome to 360Tuna!

    You nailed it, you do get what you pay for -most of the time anyway! lol