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Red snapper allowance could be reduced
despite abundance of fish

" With 10′s of millions more red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico than previously thought, fisheries managers are going to . . . lower the allowable catch for Alabama and other Gulf states?

This seemingly illogical conclusion is being leaned toward and probably will be confirmed at a Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council meeting this week. According to fishery managers, since Gulf anglers exceeded the harvest they had set for 2019 by a slim margin—in large part because of the amazing number of fish available--the allotted number of fishing days and/or limits might be reduced.

Fishery managers are also talking about a “calibration” process that would merge their population estimate into the new population estimate.
The merging is sure to result in a reduced final estimate,
which could very well result in an undesirable result for fishermen, at least short term

Under calibration alternatives,
Alabama and Mississippi allocations would be cut in half.
quota for red snapper could go from 1.12 million pounds in 2020
to 547,298 pounds in 2021.

#states know best


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I listened in on the webinar for the Gulf Council today.
They were discussing/voting on the Red Snapper quota for 2021.
I stayed until the end of the voting, but did not listen to the
remaining of the agenda, so I am fairly confident, but not certain
of my comments below. Probably 95+% it is accurate.

They had some concerns with the methodology of the Snapper Count data,
which will be corrected, but this data was given some consideration by the scientists.
They basically raised the OVERFISHING level for RS based on this new data.
While this does not add any fish to the quota,
it kind of does prevent harsher regulations from triggering if the gulf does
catch too many RS over a few years. Also shows the scientist recognize
the population biomass is higher than originally projected.

One of their main concerns was LOCALIZED DEPLETION
from increased bag limits.
Since all these extra fish were found on bottom that is not
normally targeted by fisherman,
any additional quota given,
would mainly be taken from the regular fishing spots,
causing a localized depletion in some areas of the gulf
or popular fishing areas.
From their comments, this seems to be an issue in some
areas already with current bag limits,
and increasing bag limits would only make the situation worse.

They voted to add 300,000 pounds of Red Snapper
to the quota for 2021.

Total quota was originally 15.1 million pounds,
it is now 15.4 million pounds

Basically less than 2% additional quota.

Found 200% additional fish with Great RS Count,
2% increase in quota.
#Big Win

The 15.4mil is for rec/com
so 7.7 mil pounds for the recs,
or an extra 150,000 pounds for the recs,
or about 18,300 extra FISH for the gulf.
Of that 10,400 are for private anglers,
the rest are for hire fleet fish

The great state of Texas,
private anglers will receive about
650 extra fish in their state quota for 2021.
#Texas Size Win.

#Great Red Snapper Count saved the day.
#Local State Management Produces Results

Red Snapper Crackers - Japan

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For Immediate Release
April 15, 2021

The Council chose to increase the 2021 red snapper overfishing limit (OFL) to 25,600,000 pounds whole weight, and the 2021 acceptable biological catch (ABC) to 15,400,000 pounds whole weight, as recommended by the Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC).
The revised 2021 red snapper catch limits are as follows:

Catch Limit TypeCurrent Catch LimitsCalculation
OFL25,600,000SSC Recommendation from GRSC
ABC15,400,00039.8% less than OFL
Total ACL15,400,000ACL = ABC
Commercial ACL7,854,00051% of ABC
Recreational ACL7,546,00049% of ABC
Federal For-Hire ACL3,191,95842.3% of Recreational ACL
Federal For-Hire ACT2,904,6829% less than For-Hire ACL
Private Angling ACL4,354,04257.7% of Recreational ACL
Florida ACL1,951,56944.822% of Private Angling ACL
Alabama ACL1,145,02626.298% of Private Angling ACL
Mississippi ACL154,5683.55% of Private Angling ACL
Louisiana ACL832,49319.12% of Private Angling ACL
Texas ACL270,3866.21% of Private Angling ACL

The Council also plans to have its Scientific and Statistical Committee review red snapper catch advice as soon as the final results of the Great Red Snapper Count (GRSC) and additional information from a fishery-independent combined video survey, and a report from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, can be considered. The Council specifically requested its SSC to consider the existing Acceptable Biological Catch Control Rule and National Standard Guidelines during its deliberation.

How/When will the results of the GRSC be incorporated into federal red snapper stock assessments and management?
The Council has decided to use the Great Red Snapper Count to revise the red snapper overfishing limit based on advice from its SSC during it March-April 2021 meeting. The Council has asked its SSC to also consider new information, including the finalized GRSC into for catch advice as practicable. The GRSC will be considered in the next red snapper stock assessment (SEDAR 74) which is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

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