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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by BretABaker, May 28, 2008.

  1. BretABaker

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    So, I realized with all the meat I get I will need a vaccum sealer. Plus I have a 15 cubic foot freezer that needs to be filled. So - what is everyone's favorite model??
  2. MrBill

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    I've had a foodsaver for years. The first one lasted about 10 years. It had a funky little plastic fitting with a vacuum hole that you had to slide the bag under. It finally quite working last year. I would guess that I bagged over three thousand pounds of fish in that machine. The only problem I ever had with the machine was a filter that kept clogging up. Make sure to use a paper towel on your fish or game before sealing. Wet fish or game will affect the seal.

    So, I was in Costco around thanksgiving and bought another foodsaver. It is Model V 2490. Super nice machine. It's light years above my older unit. The older unit would either over or under seal after vacuuming. This one is automatic. You no longer have to slide the bag under the little fitting. This one has a large oval hole in it. All you have to do is seal one end, then place your fish in the bag. Then place the open end over the large oval hole. Hit one button, and it vacuums, and seals in one step.

    I have bagged over 400 pounds of fish on this new machine. So far, it's worked like a champ. Just make sure you always buy the foodsaver bags. Don't buy those cheap rolls of bags on ebay. Keep with the foodsaver brand of rolls. Costco also sells the rolls separately. You can cut the bag to any length as it comes in a roll. Just don't be a tight arse. Give it about six inches longer then the fillet you are sealing. I vacuum my YF into 5# chunks.

    The machine at Costco was cheap. I think it was only about 125 bucks. Sam's also sells the foodsaver. I was in my frezzer tonight and looked at all my sealed YF. All are still perfect with no broken seals. You will be happy and it won't break the bank.

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    nice, thanks mrbill

    LEXPRO Senior Member

    foodsaver pro 3 is what ive used for 2 years no problems.....
  5. Muddskipper

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    There is a good sportsman model that is designed for fish and game.....

    I love mine......
  6. Bellyups

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    I seem to burn though these things every 2 hours. I wish I could buy a commercial grade VP. Mine always seem to slow down with age and not vacuum as strong as when new. I have 4 of them. Definitely worth the money, I just want one that can take packing hundreds of pounds of tuna.
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    I have two. One is the pro model and the other I just bought at Costco so that I can take it with me on trips.
  8. ALW

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    I have good luck with my foodsaver. Packed many hundreds of pounds of fillets. The first one lasted 5 years. The current one is 2 years old, at least 500 lbs filets thru this one. I use the foodsaver bags. The other ones don't work well for me in this machine. I dry the filets with a paper towel.
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    hm, i guess foodsaver.........allen, you in the shop tomorrow?
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    foodsaver here. we cut home costs by buying meat & Pork in bulk and I seperate it out. ALso can use it to seal clothes or anything else to make totally waterproof :) fillets stay packaged forever without any broken seals!

    like mr bill said- dont cheap out on the bags or they will break open. i tried that once, immediately threw them all away and went back and bought the good bags. lesson learned quickly on that one.
  11. Deep_Sea_Gull

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  12. njnicka

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    I aso agree with the food saver, its definitly worth the money!! I think ziplock makes a cheap one that I use to seal fish on the boat when i'm going to eat it that day or within that week.

    Nick A
  13. MrBill

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    This is all you need. It works just fine. Sam's club also sells one. On this model, I have packaged up 8 YF tuna, and 26 Blackfins. My wife has also used it about ten times for her crap. It works just fine. I don't think you really need the professional model. You could wear out three of these for the price of the Pro model.

    Costco - Tilia Advance Food Saver PulseVac? Control
  14. day0ne

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    I totally agree with the one at Costco. Mine works very well. Just don't let any liquid get in the seal area.