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Booked for April 5-10 coming from Florida. Informed to move date would incur a surcharge of$1637.50 which is 25% to move date to Oct. According to emails I received "At El Pescador, our priority is the safety and well-being of our guests and team members " As I hope you understand as an avid angler, we are trying to be as fair as possible to our guests while trying to protect our guides and lodge staff here in Belize""
I also wanted to mention that, of course, you may choose to keep your April 5 – 10 dates. To date there have been no cases of the COVD in Belize."
What kind of management would offer an incentive to have guests fly down from Florida in a pandemic and stay for 5 days? Would you want to stay at a place managed like this?

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First case in Belize was reported on March 23,
so there are cases in the country.

You should also inform the lodge there is currently
no entry allowed from the US, so you can't come
even if you wanted. Border was closed on March 22.

Ask for a refund, which you will not get,
but at a minimum, due to the border closure,
you should be able to reschedule your trip without penalty.
Border closure should warrant you getting a refund.

If you paid by credit card, don't even bother with the lodge,
call the CC company and dispute the charges.

If not, I would take a 25% loss on your deposit
and take refund if they would give it,
tell them you can't reschedule, need a refund.
Good Luck.
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