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Educated thumb

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ive been using the serch function a bit and have read it takes an educated thumb to cast with an avet lx 2speed how can i sharpen my skills any way to do it at home ?
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Good question. It's all about practice. I might suggest you take the hooks off of whatever it is you plan on tossing, go to an empty parking lot and start practicing. When practicing, don't use sprectra at first as you will get backlash. Very hard if not impossible to get tangles out. Use mono and start easy tosses until you start getting comfy. Then you can wing it. Practice practice practice
practice, to start out tighten your drag up a little more than you plan on fishing it. When you put it in the bait position it will not be nearly as fast and makes getting the hang of it much easier. I just slowly backed off the drag until i got it back to my noral drag setting and don't have problems casting it anymore.
Great advice above!

I recommend applying tape to your casting thumb, or better yet, a light-weight glove that has the rubber coating on the grip side.
i found some Live release gloves made by "Under Armor" that work fantastic!! they are superlight, shed water very well, and stretch to your finger size....

educated thumb means... PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.... go to the local pond, park, or wherever- and cast, cast cast.... then when you have it down to a science- cast into 20 mph wind while your buddy pushes you all around to simulate boat movement... casting into the wind with movement is tricky. DO NOT GET YOUR FINGER CAUGHT IN THE SPECTRA WHEN IT BACKLASHES.. you can actually LOOOOOSE a finger that way. Spectra cuts wet skin like a hot knife in butter....

I had no problems with the spectra once I put the under armor gloves on.. I was afraid the spectra would cut thru the material, but it never did.... ANd several times I wrapped the spectra around my hand a few times to lift the blackfin up and over the rail.

one tip I will give- I have found I cast further when I dont try my hardest... start slow, and work your way to the "sweet spot".. dont overwork the rod- meaning trying your hardest and actually causing the line to create a lot of drag against the guides.. it slow the line down. Use the rod the way it is desgined, rare back and let it load, then lob it out there... you will be suprised when you learn to relax and use the rod. I was.
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hey guys thanks oh and skeeter i know exactly what you mean its the same way with my golf game yes i know im a 17 year old whos into th e whole hip hop and rap thing yet i play golf lol idk how that happend but when im at the driving range if i try to clobber the ball it goes all over the place yet if i relax swing hard but not over kill 300 yds dead straight 70 % of the time thanks all parkin lot here i come maybe its just me but thats gunna look funny some big kid throwin diamond jigs across a parkin lot lol we shall find out
whoa there big fella... you go throwin that line all over the ground(whether it be asphalt or even grass) you wil be putting knicks and frays in your line... mono or spectra.... better find you some water... and you will find the water even soaks up in the spool and causes even more variables to the casting techniques.... get you a good botttle of "reel magic" to make your mono limp again(spray it down into the spool)...
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