*Edited* Which Reel - Saltist 40 or Baja Special

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by red34, Dec 25, 2008.

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    Please help me out with choosing a reel

    I am building a Jigging/Casting Rod in Conventional with an OTI 7’6” 80# Blank. I want this to be for jigging, popping, and to be similar to the 8’ Calstar Deckhand series rods intended for free-lining sardines and tossing Wahoo Bombs on the San Diego trips.

    The main things I need are a good drag, cast control, and able to hold plenty of 65 or 80# spectra. I’m really not all that worried about having a 2-speed reel and I’d like to stay within approximately $200-250. I’m looking at a Saltist 40 and kinda looking at the New for 2009 Quantum CaboPT Convenional.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Pro Gear Reels????

  3. TeamOso

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    accurate boss mag 665 , dont mess with the two speed of it, this thing will cast a mile and catch everything.
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    or if your on a budget, why not a 4/0? i dont know just my thought i dont have the cash for either though so I guess I shouldnt talk haha
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    i'd like to go right in the middle of those 2. i couldn't put a 4/0 on that nice of a rod ;) and i can't afford the accurate, especially for as little sw fishing as i get to do up here.
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    nothing wrong with a baja 4/0 reel. definitely not beneath the rod in terms of quality and performance. a saltist 40 with carbontex drag upgrade should do you fine.
  7. kidflex

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    a week or two ago there was a great deal on tiburon reels at charkbait. you might be able to find them online for a good price. simple reels without the maintenance problems of an accurate.
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    Went to the Quantum plant here in Tulsa last week to visit a buddy of mine and what they have on the drawing board for 2009/2010 will blow you away, being a Shimano guy at heart they seem to want to capture the saltwater market in a big way, they have several Spinning reels that I wanted to steal but my buddy would'nt let me, all I have to say is I was impressed with the quality of the material they were using and look forward in trying one.
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    being a Shimano guy at heart they seem to want to capture the saltwater market in a big way

    I've always been a Shimano guy myself. But a few years ago when Quantum came out with the Cabo PTs spinners I bought a 60 for using for Red Snapper, Blackfin Tuna and small AJs. I liked it and since then have gotten a Cabo 80, an Aruba 30 and a Cabo PT30 conventional. They still have a long way to go in salwater but I like the reels I have.
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    Penn Baja Special would be perfect IMHO. But I think they are getting ready to stop making them. For cost, ease of maintanence and just being ready right out of the box, you can't go wrong.

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    if possible i'd look for something slightly used but higher quality. if you need to get the reel ASAP that might be a problem though.
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    I found some Avet LX reels in this same basic price range. I would choose the 4.6:1 for the same reason as I'd buy the low speed Saltist. Would I be totally screwing myself if I could only get the 6:1?
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    I would love the see they come out with good product.
    I like buy good product
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    Look around and I second pick up something hi-end used. Due to the holiday's I forgot to bump my bid on ebay on lost a OJ 3000 it sold for I think 225 thats a steel!!

    Also look for trinidads there 4,450 new but on the west coast boards can be had for less than half that.
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    if you can find a Penn 113hn get it, even if you don't use it the value will sky rocket in a few years, they stopped making them last year and look how hard to find there are already.