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Ksong, I would take the spinner to let you have the option of using it. I can cast a popper pretty good until the deck is too crowded with topwater fishermen. Then I become more apprehensive and backlash whenever I adjust my cast. IMO, a good spinner will consistantly outperform (on the big E) an open face reel unless you have phenomenal casting skill. The further beyond the lights, the more time you are in the strike zone. When lined with spectra, the poppers are much easier to pop. Its all that simple. I did all right on the top water, landing 3 fish and "tagging" a 4th with a large gaff on my first 2 drifts. However, I became more apprehensive with soo many people pitching poppers. I also had bad timing and did not fish topwaters on the 2 most incredible drifts. My friends from Ohio used my spinner (an old Daiwa Emblem 5500 ZA) and did well.
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