Duck Hunt 1/10

Discussion in 'HUNTING' started by Pope, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Pope

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    I hunted with Ross and txseadog this morning. We ended up with 2 mallards, 7 gaddies, 1 ring-neck and a hooded merganser drake. We lost three more birds.... poor shooting, early onset of blindness and rain are blamed :). I am getting up in 6 hours to walk through a muddy wheat field to shoot geese and set up who knows how many goose deeks. Its cold, rainy, I am exhausted from today and I think missing a screw by now. Wish me luck and bless whomever I encounter on the long drive to an undisclosed location. Thank goodness the starbucks is 24 hours on the weekend.

    To quote Jimi Hendrix, "Canadas, specks, snows, greenheads here we come! Coming to get ya!"
  2. bpitcher

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    Nice report Brandon. Glad yall were able to whack a few birds. I hunted waterfowl for a long time when I was younger but haven't done it much in these past few years cause of school. I did manage to pop a couple geese and ducks when I was in NY with my cousin. Going to try the late canada season here in MA the next week or so. Lots of birds and little to no hunting pressure.