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    Caught a late trip that went 1 night to the east breaks then to boom vang.
    At east breaks platforms AJ's where the choice. I jigged and landed 2 @ 30 and 45 lbs, sharks took 4 other jiggs, Aj to 80 lbs where taken on bait.
    That was a trip from 6 am to 3 pm , We then traveld to BoomVang 4 to 7 pm
    1st drift was 2hours !!! catching bft and the crew cast netting live flyers
    Marvin Loyd and Miles put over 30 live flyers in the bait tanks.

    Capt Keith then set up short drifts up stream of the Spar rig. these drifts
    resulted in Yellow fin 30 to 80 lbs and 25 t0 27 Dodo along with many BFT.
    I caught all my fish on Jig and Shibuki lure,

    I met fine folks from Corpus, Dallas, Kansas and Missuri.
    Surprisiling no real snow birds the group worked well together
    and where happy with the catch.

    DSHQ and Capt Keith put us on a limit of AJ , YFT, 25 ea 10 - 45 lb dodo
    and and BFT

    the choice for this trip was not the Beadroux but to head east,

    Good time was had by all and Miles and loyd where a great crew again.

    No spell check used, only lures.......:confused:


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  2. gman

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    Happy Holiday kevin and congrats on your trip I really miss texas fishing its been a while.


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    nice catches!
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    what was the price for 1 night trip?
    i noticed big tunas caught by dsh capt john brennan on 11/29/08
  5. Fishhead56

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    Same price as 2 night, The boat had limits of AJ and YFT and the fish box's
    were full so we came in early. DSHQ try's to get these trips done in one night
    but will fish longer if first night does not produce.

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