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drag settings??

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I can surf the net and get: set your drag at strike to be 1/3 of your line rating....

real world experience I lack.... can yall help me please.

heres the setups:
1.) Avet LX 6:1 (600 yds of JB Hollow 80#- will add 3 foot of 80#hitest then iron jig) what should strike be set at... the rod is a Sea Majic 400 gram that will hold 20 dead weight without line touching.. wouldnt want to put more than that load o it.... figure thats about max for the rod.

2.)Tiagra 16 topless frame on Bar Bar 30-50 rod 6'7"... rod fished on the lighter side and with 20# dead weight the line touches all over the place.... I would like to use this to chunk with and wont be bothered if the rod breaks....... 60# flourocarbon will be the weak link...

spinning rig I vary the drag on depending on the fight (i have experience with this one)

3.) super seeker 63xxh with AVET 50 SDS (600yds of 130#) will run straight to the swivel so I can use: 200#mono for bottom fishing
and at night I will tie on 10' of 80#hitest if the big ones show.
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1. Well it sounds like you should use 20lbs then. You can fish 30lbs with 80 no prob, but your reel and rod are not capable of that.

2. 15lbs sounds about right

3. How much can you handle? the reel/line will fish way more than you can. 30lbs sounds about right for bottom fishing. 20-24lbs for tuna w/ the 80lb flouro.
thanks. that sounds good enough for me. I dont know how much I can handle... snagged says he will have a leash on me( of course with hooks to use me for Mako Bait)..LOL!!

DOES anyone have the line diameter of the Berkley Hitest 80# mono?? I am curious if it is the same diameter as normal 80# line
Sea Crappie suggestions are on the money. I would also suggest you measure the drag at strike, at sunset and some in the middle of the two so you know your working range. I would suspect if you set the SDS at 25# on strike you should get 35+# at sunset which is great for dragging a grouper out of a hole or keeping an AJ out of the rig...

One other question. Does the LX lose freespool with 20# of drag? If so, you might need to back off a few pounds so you jigs fall quickly.
no freespool loss on the LX... I will bring them over tomorrow when I pick up the SS.
Ot Oh, the sister rod to mine is ready?
uhhh.. no sister... its the BROTHER rod to yours... LOL!!
Ronnie, go to meltons website, look for the line. They have the diameters posted next to the product. I am switching over to this line also, and dropping a class (i.e. Hitest 30# on my 40# rig, HT 50# on my 60# rig).
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