Dove hunting anyone????

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by Bret, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Bret

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    Hey guys, are any of y'all interested in dove hunting for opening weekend???
    My buddy has 4 places to hunt all around Olney(about 2hrs nw of the metro, south of wichita falls) Cost is $40 per day per person.. they will be providing a barbque lunch for all that come. They have been seeing lots of dove. 3 of the places have water and sunflowers.. Post up if interested.. or call me if you have any questions.. There are places to camp if you want to stay...

  2. Gunsmoke

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    That's cheap. I have to pay 150 bucks for one evening hunt on opening day. And, no food or fluids. This woman just tells you where to meet (somewhere in Hondo) and then you follow her to the field she has just shredded the naturally planted corn. There was around 100 of us last year, and I thought I had been taken after sweating for one hour and not a bird in site.

    All of a sudden, the birds came out of no where and I had a limit in 10 minutes. Everybody was limited out in about a half hour. That's over 1000 birds in 30 minutes on a five acre field. She got a little over 15 grand for one afternoon hunt. Why harvest the corn when suckers like me will make you rich.

    By the way, Wichita Falls is about a 7 hour drive for me. If it were closer, I'd jump on it and bring a bunch of other hunters. Good luck and wear shooting glasses, as I was hammered with pellets last year with to many in experienced winged shooters.

  3. Bret

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    Well, Jade and I loaded up and to fill deer feeders and scouting birdsfor next weekend... We hit two of the places. One field is sunflowers and its covered with birds.. the other is a wheat field that was plowed under and has a big tank.. plenty of birds there as well. If you can shoot, you should be able to get a limit within and hour..

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