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I have been looking forward to opening of spring turkey since the last day of gun(deer) season. All of the heavy rains had us worried. We checked the radar several times and made the call to head out. My wife, 3yrold daughter and myself loaded up and headed to deer camp. We went through some pretty rough weather between here and there.. I counted 7 places where the water was over the road on the way.. Once we got there, the cool front passed and the rain was over. We pitched the new tent and set up camp.
Saturday morning, Bob and I got a late start.. Had some coffee, cammo'd out, grabbed our guns and headed out. "Oh Wait" I forgot my shotgun shells.. I dug around in my truck and found one #4 Steel 3in nitro.. Bob found a couple in the camphouse.. Cool. we have 4 shells between us. We heard some toms across the road,and kept going, Just about the time we get to the edge of this draw, I heard a gobbler in the distance. I hit my slate a couple of times and it was on. I set up behind a small oak and Bob about 30ft to my left. After about 5 minutes we had one Jake about 20yrs behind us, another about 50yds to our left, and two Gobblers straight out in front of us. It took a while, but the Gobblers finally came in. I shot the one on the left and he dropped. Bob shot the other and he ran aways.. he shot again and then I had a shot and finished him off. We sat there and looked at each other.. let out a few hoots and hollers and a couple of high fives.. Dang its only 8:05am and we have two toms down. Back in camp by 830 and finish breakfast.. Clean the turkeys and put them on Ice.. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you we saw that we had a young boar in the trap.. We load the trap on the trailer and haul him off to be sold. 106lbs and a check for $44.50. That nearly paid for all of the corn and protein to fill two feeders. We made a pitstop at the local organic dairy and picke up some fresh chocolate and strawberry milk for my daughter.. I must say that was the best choco milk I have ever tasted.
I Like it when a plan comes together. My daughter got to catch some perch and ride around on the 4 wheeler(hunting as she calls it) The weather turned out to be awesome for the remainder of the weekend. We got two gobblers and one piggy.. To top it all off. We broke camp early and made it home in time to get cleaned up and make the disney on Ice show at 1:30 this afternoon.


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