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Don't Ever Let Yourself Get Old:

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Thought I would demonstrate to you young folks why you should try to find the fountain of youth so no fish will ever put a hurt on you, regardless of size. The first picture is me just before getting aboard the Tuna Loco. The second is what poor old Uncle Russ looked like after a decent, though not large, yellowfin got through with his pathetic old butt. (It really is amazing what a hard night of fishing will do to a man.) The third was a pretty good day and night's work. Captain Eddie and my ship mates deserve some very small amount of credit, but mostly it was me. ;)



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Congratulations Russ. Now we need to get you on a 90# AJ.
Jeez, you really like to see folks suffer out there in the deep blue, don't you, Snagged!

He's younger than I am and deserves a 90# aj. :D
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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