Dolphin Docks 60hr trip

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    Its surprising how much can change in 36hrs, and by the grace of some higher power, my grandpa and I are gonna be on for a 60hr On July 10th.

    I know they are slow as all get out, and I know that they dont go in for bottom fishing.

    Am I correct in assuming that they just chill at the floaters during the day?
    Are there tuna to be earned at the floaters with the sun up, do they troll around?

    Im gonna have my pops using my tld, and ill be using the diawa 20. Then I will have the LX ( once i get it back together) for jigging, and the spheros.

    Does anyone know a braided line company that makes the line that changes colors every 25ft or so? I heard jb was gonna do that, but no until later on.

    With my forest green braid is there a way of marking that, that is visible?

    Tight lines yall, and a happy or merry Easter.

    Kevin Green
  2. Pope

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    OTI has the spectra you are looking for.

  3. TeamOso

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    Reservations have been made.
    except i dont know if it always been like this, but now they make you pay 100% 30days in advance, and then that decides the boarding order.
    on the 40 we payed the remainder at 1030.

    Cannt wait