Dolphin Docks 60 hr trip (4-14-09)

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  1. Copenny2

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    I've reserved a spot on the 4-14-09 60hr trip on the Dolphin. I've been offshore a couple of times in my life. Once a few years ago on a friends boat out of Venice, LA. Went out to blue water and caught plenty of Dolphin. Went again last year on the Capt John out of Galveston before the storm. Looking to take some of my own gear out. One rod/reel setup (would like to take at least two). Been loading up on lures (topwater, a couple of trolling lures, and some jigs). Basically I'd like to know what can I and what should I bring with me. I've read a lot of posts on here and all over the internet. You guys have a lot of great info (and opinions) on here that I've used already. I'm always seeking more knowledge and I want to get the most out of this trip that I possibly can. And yes I did ask questions when I reserved my spot but I'd like to hear it from the people that have much more experience than me. Thanks in advance for any and all info.
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    Copenny i would bring a couple of setups one spinning and a conventional, jigs buterfly type asorted colors, diamond jigs,good surface plugs OTI kamodo's,YO zuri gt bulls.Sleeping bag, pillow,some windon leaders or Floural spool 50# to 100#.Since your going out of the Dolphin Docks bring yourself a good Spider bite Kit! Just kidding! Ask Minnow about that.Dont forget the patch!The Diesel fumes are bad.But they will get you there and on the fish.Fish on Copenny!

  3. Trav

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    I went on Dolphin docks in early Jan and am going again in 2 weeks. They rent nice spinning combos (penn 9500 with 40lb test) for 15 bucks and they work great. Bring lots of butterfly jigs - we burned through 5 between 2 people in about 8 hours. its hard not to catch a blackfin with them.

    - Trav
  4. shanker

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    2 people got 5 Jigs to last 8 hours?

    That would be a record for me...I usually loose that many in a day just by myself.

    Trip wise? What do you hope to target, and what do you already have?

    Garounteed there will be lots of blackfin, and if you're lucky you'll get into the yellowfin.
  5. BretABaker

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    if possible use heavier line than 40lb test. its too light for yellowfin. if there are only blackfin its ok.
  6. Copenny2

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    Shanker... I'm pretty much looking for anything that I can pull into the boat and put in the freezer. As far as lures go I currently have some poppers (Tuna Hunters), some knockoff butterfly jigs (3oz-7oz), some diamond jigs, smooth/hammered gold/silver(3oz-7oz), and 3 trolling lures. One rod/reel setup with 50# spiderwire and 100 yds of 100# mono. Would like to take another setup with me but not too sure it's that would be space appropriate.
  7. papio

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    You can take whatever setup u want. DD don't limit personal equipment within reason of course. Store ur rods overhead outside or store in back of boat where most rods are stacked, the problem u will have is getting to ur rod when 30 other rods are stacked on top of it.

    Also, when heading back to port the deckhands will wash everything down. And last time I checked, it was not freshwater coming out of the hose. So u might want to ur stuff inside.
  8. emorgan

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    How many people are they taking on this trip and what day will they be leaving on? I have a couple of guys who might want to go.