Dolphin Docks 36hr 11/14/09

Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by red34, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. red34

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    I've had too many trips get canceled on me this year and it's been too long since I've been offshore...I'm going nuts! I will be heading down for this trip with a friend or two from San Antonio and Corpus. It's a couple of days before the new moon and over the weekend so no time off work needed. Perfect!

    I'm assuming these are basically bft and grouper/aj trips with a lucky yft mixed in every now and again?? I know the DD boats aren't very fast (it's on La Pesca), but overall it's pretty cheap and I'm not having to take any days off work.

    Anyone else thinking of going on this trip?
  2. SAND

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    36 hours trip for $195 is pretty cheap, If I live close by I wouldn't think twice, I'll go.
    Good luck, pls post your report and lots of pictures

  3. etan

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    Unless something has changed these trips go to the floaters for a night of tuna fishing. So plan on fishing for yellowfin as well as blackfin. I think you'll stop for some bottom fishing but its mostly tuna fishing and boat riding. I'll talk to them at DD and see if anything has changed.
  4. papio

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    In the past 36hr trips to the floaters were exceptional trips - in other words, seas were like glass, minimum wind/good tail wind, mood of the skipper, and special time during holidays mainly around Christmas. Unless DD has made some changes, 36hr trips are not to the floaters.

    I will jump on this trip if certain Lapesca make it out there on 36hr as I would like to baptize my Saltist spin reel and some new topwater Hawaiian lures.
  5. etan

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    I just checked with DD and the 36 hr trips are tuna trips to the floaters. I think people are confusing the 36 hr trip with the 48 hr trip. The 48's never go to the floaters and the 36 hr trips were added as short floater trips. DD has a 24 and a 48 hr trip out right now. I'm glad I'm not on either trip.
  6. jig

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    Nate, that is interesting. Any idea why the 48hr trip would not go to the floaters if the fish were biting?
  7. etan

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    I really don't know. The only trips that ever went to the floaters were the 60 and 80 hr trips. The 24 and 40 hr trips always stay inshore and fish structure or shrimp boats. Last fall they started running the 36 hr going to the floaters for one night. I went on one this spring and it was mostly boat riding. The yellowfin weren't there so it wasn't very productive. I've been on them all. If the yellowfin are there the 36 would be the best trip for me, a couple of yellowfin and go home!
  8. red34

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    I would absolutely love to get into some yft and have a nice glass-calm run out to a floater... On the other hand, I'll be expecting diesel fume filled, squid smelling cabin, puking fishermen, and a bunch of kings and atlantic sharpnose... I'll just shoot for something in-between the 2!

    I was forced to turn down an invite and then the boat canceled my second trip on NYATI this summer. My friends and cousin who live in/near Corpus have enough tuna, aj, and wahoo steaks to feed small armys and I have $3k worth of custom rods, reels, etc... for jigging and popping that have never seen the outside of their rod socks!

    I just want to get offshore and if I'm surrounded by a few buddies and some guys from 360 who know what they're doing out there, that would be nice too.