Dolphin 9/14

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Gunsmoke, Sep 25, 2006.

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    I know this boat is dog, but I was just reading my South Jetty and on 9/14 on a 60 hour trip they hammered the YF's. It looks like the caught 30 nice size YFs along with dolphin, grouper, kingfish, snapper and hoos up to 66 lbs.
    I count 15 people in the picture. You have to take your hats off to those guys, that's one turtle speed boat that just keeps bringing in the fish.

    Deep sea headquarters nailed the hoos last week. A 54 pounder and a 72# hoo. It's funny to me to see head boats catching hoos. They seem to love a fast trolled lure or bait. There must be a lot of hoos that moved in.
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    there isn't anything to do with the boat only moving at 9 or 10knts. they throw out 4 or 5 lines while they run to there bottom spots and hope they snag a fish or two. i am sure your trolling is a little more specific and you try and hit areas that have produced for you in the past and structures both man made and natural. the captain of the dolphin is very proficient at putting people on fish and does come in with some great catches on that pos boat. i would love to see what captain dean could do with 40 people and a state of the art boat......rick

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    I'll be on the dolphin 10-24. Yes it's grapes o' wrath compared to the big e (big e on 11-17) .

    The Capt. is highly profess and when the big tuna are behind the shrimp boats he fills the box. Deans largest tuna have been caught behind the shrimpers, rather than at the deep water platforms.