Do some lures produce a bubble trail?

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  1. JohnnyMax

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    I just ordered a trolling lure that has a concave head.
    In the description it said it produced a bubble trail when trolled 5 - 10 knots.
    I never thought about it, but I guess the speed a turbulence causes oxygen to come out of solution, leaving a trail of bubble?
    Sorry for another simple question. I ask, because I am curious.
    I never thought about a lure causing oxygen to come out of solution.
    What else am I not aware of.... Don't answer that last question!
  2. jpgrfan

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    I have a few Williamson poppers that make bubble trails. There's are holes drilled in the cup extending toward the back and exciting about where the head ends. So, only about 1/2 - 3/4 inch long holes. The bubble trail occurs because air is forced through the holes every time the popper breaks the surface and the popper face gathers air and then dives below the surface again.

    Depending on the water conditions, feeding habits of the moment, the phase of the moon, and any number of unknown variables, ths bubble trail may get more bites. Or not.

    Try them out and have fun!

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  3. HungryJack

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    search "jet head lures"
    bubbles are called smoke

    4 for $24 shipped, great deal

    for tuna "green machine" is a classic to have

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  4. JohnnyMax

    JohnnyMax Active Member

    I am now curious if some lures when trolled at higher speeds produce cavitation, which produces bubbles.
    I noticed in an article by Magbay Lures, that trolling at higher speeds can cause cavitation.
    Cavitation can produce bubbles.
    Here is the article.
  5. JohnnyMax

    JohnnyMax Active Member

    I contacted Magbay Lures and asked them if their lures cavitate and produce bubbles when trolled below surface.

    Here is their response:
    "Hi there, I am not certain which Lure you are referring to, but maybe the GI 24. This Lure will gulp air depending on how its run, but the way the jets are situated below the surface it creates a jet stream of water flow. So below the surface at higher speeds there is a great enough change in pressure to create a visible stream behind the lure. And it certainly catches a lot of wahoo.

    Humm, I may need to pull lures along side the boat and try to video with a go-pro to see what is going on with cavitation in lures. But no time soon!
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  6. HungryJack

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    For lures and props.
    cavitation is BAD.

    NOT the way to achieve smoke/bubbles
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  7. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    1.) red-striped drinking straw from McDonald's (this is important because they
    have a larger diameter than most drinking straws.)
    2.) 18" section of 100# Malin wire,
    3.) 100# crane swivel
    4.) #1 or 1/o treble hook

    Run wire thru straw and attach hook and swivel with haywire twist.
    TaDaaaaa! you just made a super-productive, easy pulling bubble lure that is awesome on kingfish for about a dollar.
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  8. HungryJack

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    I would suggest using the greatest straw ever made,
    which will catch the biggest most beautiful fish ever :)

    You guys got Bubble Tea or Boba Tea down in
    cowboy country yet?
    Widest straws you will find.
    Can buy those straws online.
    bubble tea .jpg


    I wish I had my trump straw right now!
    maxresdefault (1).jpg
  9. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    why buy online when you can get them from McD's for free.
    the idea is minimal cost.
    If I recall, the old SKA banned this lure in Kingfish tournaments
    down here like 20 yrs ago.
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  10. JohnnyMax

    JohnnyMax Active Member

    DANG! I threw away a McDonald's lure today and they empty the office trash on Wed. night!