Do-It Flutter Jigs - 1st Batch

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by red34, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. red34

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    I recently purchased a Do-It Flutter Jig mold in 7&9 oz. Here is the post showing the original blanks I made:

    Here are some finished product and how I painted them.


    Flip Side


    Here is my paint area. I basically cave them a base color and then just threw some coordinating colors over them in various amounts. Some are completely 2 sided, some have a fade effect, and some are solid with just some overspray effects. They all kinda grab the light in their own way. I think they look decent and it didn't take very much time.

    Realistically, you could do it like this or hand paint each individual one. I figured that the kingfish and sharks would key in on any ones that I spent alot of time on!! :) Anyway, they're easy to make and easily repaired when they get roughed up.


    This is off the subject, but I figured I'd show my jig binder from Bass Pro. It was like $30 and it holds a ton of jigs. Don't know if it'll hold up over time because it's fairly new and I also don't get to go on tons of trips, but it seemed to be just right for me.



  2. ksong

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    Great job. Those jigs definitely can catch fish.

  3. spineyman

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    Yes fish will chew them up. They look good.
  4. red34

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    I'll probably take more time painting up batch #2. These came out ok though. Now if I could only go fishing more!!!
  5. Bellyups

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    They look great!
  6. Enoch

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    those look good, thanks for sharing.
  7. dan1

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    It looks chipped at the bottom, is that part of the mold?
  8. Fishhead56

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    The enjoyment of saltwaterfifhing is.
    75% getting tackle ready
    55% plannining
    60% persuing fish
    80% fighting fish
    60% preparing and eating catch
    75% memories.

    Logic says more than 100% satisfaction.........most every trip!

    Nice hand made jigs.

  9. red34

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    It looks chipped at the bottom, is that part of the mold?

    If you're talking about the outside edge on the bottom half of the jig it's from cutting off the pour spout. they made it to where it wouldn't cut off clean but I assume it's just because you have to pour the lead very fast in a big mold like that so the spout has to be very wide.

    I rolled the edges and flashings with a screwdriver while it was still hot and cleaned it up as much as possible but some of them still have a dip there. They're no OTI jigs, but with a $60 mold and unlimited free lead... I'm not gonna complain too much.

    Some guys on the NYATI already used some of them and caught some tuna. He didn't even paint them!