Do baits that rattle increase strikes?

Discussion in 'Fish Species and Techniques' started by JohnnyMax, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. JohnnyMax

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    I know that in bass lures there is always a lot of talk about baits that rattle.
    Is this used with any baits for fishing offshore around rigs, or bottom jigging?
    I am asking because I am curious...
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  2. matawest

    matawest Well-Known Member

    Secret to catching tuna in GoM.

    Tie on halco max. Cast lure. Reel in tuna.

    The rattle in this thing seems to make a huge difference.
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  3. Stevo

    Stevo Well-Known Member

    Not completely true. There is a time and place for rattles and for silent lures.
    When going for a more natural , subtitle presentation for moody fish a silent lure will outfish the same lure with rattles every time. A lure with rattles shines when you have aggressive fish, dirty water or trying to induce a reaction strike.
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  4. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    yep, just like a rat-l-trap!

    I bought a 190 and it rattles louder than the 130
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  5. manu

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    I agree with what Stevo says in his post. One thing that bass fishing has taught me is to pay close attention to the conditions of the water, color, temperature, cloudy or sunny skies, etc. I believe same could apply to estuary, inshore and offshore fishing. At the end of the day one has to experiment and see what works that day, time and place. I bought 2 Max 190 in Chrome pink and readhead. they are is loud but haven't seeing the water yet. Thank JohnnyMax for your question.
  6. Drundel

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    Ratting jig heads are popular in salt water lures. I can't really tell a difference, but some people swear they make a difference.

    I never thought about it before, but I'm curious to glue a glass worm rattle to a vertical jig and see if I can tell a difference.
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  7. JohnnyMax

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    I was wondering the same thing...