DIY Surface Irons?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by JohnnyMax, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. JohnnyMax

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    Has anyone ever made their own surface irons?
    I am thinking it would be so easy in my shop to cut some out of steel plate or flat bar.
    Grind them to shape, drill a hole in each end. They would be damn strong!
    Then airbrush them in different colors. I make freshwater wood lures.
    Just a thought...
  2. esgeo

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    Seems like on the surface, the swimming action is crucial in getting bites, maybe not as much of an issue with yo-yo style jigs (case in point, butter knife and wrench jigs). I think the action of surface jigs highly dependent on shape and density, and that’s why west coast style are all cast nowadays with the symmetrical wide “hips“ shape... I think tady used to make their jigs out of bent metal. I think they were good for targeting barracuda. If you google “eBay 6 pack of vintage tady flat metal lures” you will see some examples.
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  3. JohnnyMax

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    Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. Those were basically just large spoons. I may eventually experiment with a few and see what kind of action I get. But I will be using commercial designed lures and live bait. I guess nobody has tried it. Too much at stake I guess.
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  4. JohnnyMax

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    I did a search and sure enough. Silverware! DollarTree lures anyone. LOL

    DSCI0279.jpg jig.jpg

    Not very fancy!
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  5. HungryJack

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    The 6 pack on ebay are NOT surface irons.
    Those are called GoGo jigs if I remember correctly.

    Surface Irons are made from ALUMINUM.

    Similar looking/shape jigs from the same manufacturers, but heavier,
    that are meant for vertical jigging are made from ZINC,
    a few are made from BRASS.
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  6. HungryJack

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    When the bite is on,
    or fishing in an a fish rich enviornment,
    anything will work to catch fish.

    On a day to day basis,
    when the fish aren't committing suicide,
    then the design of some jigs make a huge difference in productivity.

    Save a couple of dollars and catch less,
    or spend a few dollars more and catch more.

    PS> don't even need dollar tree,
    you got jig material in your shop,
    PIPE. Fill with lead or sand, smash the ends, drill holes
    and you're making jigs.

    Grouper like copper I'm told :)
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  7. Cubeye

    Cubeye Junior member

    I've made "raider" type jigs out of 1/4 x 1 steel flat stock. It takes a lot of grinding, but they work. I use them for wahoo mostly.
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